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  1. i see... it's like a ferrari that could go to 300 Kmh but can only do it for a few seconds and then returns to the speed of a common car (with an slowdown automatic system)... only release the beast by seconds or the beast itself consumes you. I test the program with turbo off (99% in energy management) and will look calculation times and temperatures. Thanks again!.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I was confused because some reviews of the N56JR said that temperature on full load was 85°C with no throttling only turbo off and my N56JR register 92°C with throtling (i'm no sure what program was used in the review) and had read that some cases of cpu throttling and high temps were by hardware or software problems. My previous laptop was a HP G42, runs the same programs (autodock vina and aida64 FPU test) registered 80-85°C with no throttling. I'm disappointed with the temperatures of this laptop on full load.
  3. Hi, excuse me for my bad english, is no my native language. I have an asus N56JR, it registered temperatures up to 92°C and a 19% of "CPU throttling" when i m running autodock vina or run the stability test (only FPU) for a couple of minutes. Even when i run the test or the program whit not AC, only battery, aida registered "CPU throttling" (4%). The clocks processor is between 800 - 3400 Mh on the scale. The rpms max of the fan is aprox. 3800. The temperatures on idle are ok, between 40-55° C. The laptop is new, only 1 week of use. The room temperature is about 27°C. I use a thermaltake massive 23 gt cooling pad. This "cpu throttling" indicates there is something wrong with my laptop (hardware or software)? or no necessarily? what could be causing this? and what recomendations give me?. I need this laptop for run programs of bioinformatic for a couple of hours but with this temps i'm no sure if i could. Thanks
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