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  1. The problem is if I move the fan to CHA_Fan2 I lose the ability for PWM control of the fan. Both CHA_FAN2 and CHA_Fan3 connectors run at prefixed speeds (level 1 thru 4) set either in BIOS or via the ASRock eXtreme Tuner utility. Looks like I will have to make a compromise either way However, thank you for your quick response Fiery. Much appreciated. Irrespective of whichever choice I make, I like my Sensor Panel a lot. It's a great tool !! Regards, Rajiv
  2. Hello, I have completed a new build on ASRock's X79 Extreme 6/GB LGA 2011 motherboard a few days back, and purchased and installed AIDA Extreme Edition. I have designed my Sensor Panel, and pretty much everything is working great except for one minor issue. I have a PWM case fan that is plugged into the Chassis Fan Connector 1 (CHA_FAN1) which is a 4-pin connector for PWM fans. Every time I restart my computer, AIDA64 does not sense that I have a fan plugged in this connector. I can see the fan operating, but AIDA64 does not see it. However, as soon as I run ASRock eXtreme Tuner utility, bingo ... AIDA64 automagically starts seeing the fan, it shows up in the Sensor Panel, and all is well after that till of course I need to restart the computer. While it is not that big a deal, actually a minor irritant only, however it would be great if somebody could figure out the reason and fix it (if possible). Thank you in advance for your time as well as a great utility. I love the ability to design my own Sensor Panel, and have actually designed one to complement my program launcher dock .. the launcher dock sits at the bottom of the main display while the Sensor Panel adorns the bottom of the seconday display. Rajiv
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