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  1. That's what I get...I was given the download site and key from a friend. Go figure, that's my kind of luck. I will purchase a valid/legal copy of the software. Thanks for your help. Next question; is this an annual subscription and I would have to repurchase it every year.
  2. So here's my problem when I check for updates, it tells me there is one. When I click on update it goes to the website and I download it and run it. When I open it, it installs and then pops up a window telling me my trial period is over...and it doesn't go any further than that. When I look up the product key in the help tab of the program itself....where the license key is listed...it says "no expiry" I did find the PKEY.TXT file and opened that up....in note pad....and there is a key there that fills up a quarter page of a note pad page. Is it really that long of a key.
  3. Where can I locate my license at in the software? I see there is an update and if I update it will it screw up my current version.
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