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  1. Ooooh! Good catch! I would have never even thought of that. (that means yes I do have the Logitech keyboard with the LCD display lol). Interesting....I didn't think the keyboard would actually launch the application. I figured it would just detect when the application is running. But you were correct. I disabled AIDA64 from loading with Windows (AIDA64 -> Preferences) and my keyboard did infact launch it when I restarted. Fixed . Thanks!
  2. Hello, I know this sounds like such a small issue but it is annoying to have the window start up everytime you boot up the computer. I have attached my preferences which states to hide the main window upon start up. Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks!
  3. Hey support, I am receiving the attached error whenever I attempt to run the game Dragonball Online. The game is protected by GameGuard so is that blocking AIDA64 somehow?
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