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  1. What I did is opting out the splash screen. Will research Your advises and report later. Thank You
  2. Just downgraded to 2.70.220. Start time is now 6 seconds.
  3. Hi, since latest updates aida64 takes a long time to start. My setting is starting aida64 with the sensor page as hardwaremonitoring is my favorite page. Before, it took just a 2-3 seconds. Could it be sleeping HDDs or something like this? On the other hand, before, my HDDs not in use were set to hibernate as well. And yes, I've opted out searching for updates online. 2. I just reinstalled Aida. Same issue : up to half a minute. Additionally aida keeps sitting in the notification area and does not start to main window as opted in preferences. Have to click the icon again to ev
  4. Thank you so much, Fiery, for the fast reply, that does the trick. There are 4 "remember this, remember that" boxes, this one was unchecked. Now Aida is working like before. Start time is 4 seconds, which is no issue for me. I like the sensor page better than other tools, the overview is fine. The problem with IRST driver is, that unfortunately I own the Corsair 1200AXi which needs the buggy Link Software which gives you BSODs if using the newest IRST driver. So beware of this PSU. I uninstalled IRST completely and strangely - as a spin-off - my new SSD runs at the advertised speeds. Wher
  5. Hi, I've purchased the 3 years license. After upgrading my rig and reinstalling my system because of the newest SSD generation I start using Aida64 again. I can remember that earlier versions remembered the last window and so I could start "Computer -> Sensor" with a single click. Now that I've updated I cannot find this feature any more, I need 3 clicks until the "sensor type" temps appear which is really exhausting for my taste. Sensor window is the most used feature for me. For example CPUID HWMonitor needs just a single click. Is there a solution or did I just mis
  6. That's what I call customer service. I've done what You said. Installed, rebooted. Reenabled gpu sensor support. Started and closed AIDA64 for about a 20 times. No issues. I'm now cautiously optimistic that this bug is fixed. Now I really would like to know, what the reason was for the RSoD as this may help others with similar problems. Thank You so much, from a happy AIDA64 user Verdi
  7. Now I can reproduce this bug persistently. After boot. Click AIDA64 - latest version. RSoD. The new version didn't fix this bug. As GPU-Z and CPUID Hardware monitor do not result in RSoD, I cannot imagine this bug has nothing to do with AIDA64 and is only a Nvidia restricted problem. Yesterday the RSoD was accompanied by a total crash with a terrible buzzing sound which did not stop. I had to push the reset button.
  8. Thank You for Your compassion. Now I've updated to the latest version and until now (30 minutes ago) no issue. I would really like to use my AIDA64 all the time, like before. Hopefully the update has fixed the bug. Will report later.
  9. @Admin Meanwhile I can't even start AIDA64 without red-screening. I had to push the reset button. And this happened 3 times! I mean, for example, GPU-Z 6.0 is causing no crash at all, though it's detecting the gpu sensors. And there are no other programs running like Precision X. Is the new version more reliable for GTX680?
  10. Thank You so much for Your rapid reply. I wished Nvidia were that fast... And yes, the smbus access is enabled. I thought about disabling the sensor detection myself as in my humble view this may be the villain. But I must confess that I like this feature very much and that is one reason for my purchase. The bug is known in EVGA forum by now. But I seem to be the only one using AIDA64 at this time. At least I found a workaround to stop the RSoD. windows key and some arrow key and enter. Forgot the exact sequence. Maybe it's just a "change user" Thanks as well, Verdi
  11. Hi to all, this is my first post. I've purchased AIDA64 with 3 Years support. This program is fantastic and has been working perfectly. But: My new EVGA GTX 680 is about a week old and since my video card change I'm getting strange tomato RSoD's. This happened about 6 times after I've launched AIDA64. Latest edition. I've configure AIDA to start with "detecting sensors information" as I use it for monitoring. Has the creator of AIDA or anyone else here a clue why this happens? EVGA has the notion that this depends on autoruns while windows start. But I don't believe, as I disabled all au
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