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  1. Hello, Fiery! I'm trying to get a report on a remote machine using PsExec by the following command: psexec.exe \\pc1 -d -s \\server\aida\aida64.exe /R \\server\AIDA\Reports\$HOSTNAME__$DATE /CUSTOM \\server\aida\aida64.rpf /TEXT /SAFE /SILENT After that I can see aida64.exe proccess on pc1 but nothing is going on - the process just loaded into memory and doesn't work. So then I tried to launch it interactively: psexec.exe \\pc1 -d -i 9 -s \\server\aida\aida64.exe /R \\server\AIDA\Reports\$HOSTNAME__$DATE /CUSTOM \\server\aida\aida64.rpf /TEXT /SAFE /SILENT And that is working. But the real problem here is that I need to know user session (-i 9) and on a remote computer would be no logged session at al... If I try use 0 session and still doesn't work. I understand the problem relatives SyInternals too but maybe you can explain how can i collect a report on a remote machine using AIDA64 Business edition? I know about users loggon scripts, telnet, etc but I need to use it when i want - that's why im trying to use psexec... Thank you!
  2. Fiery, I'm sorry, could please tell me what's the maximum RAM for other notebook with T7400 CPU? AIDA again shows "4 GB" but now I'm not sure if is it correct... And I don't know how to check it because there is no "Max Memory Size" on the CPU page...
  3. Fiery, thank you so much! But could you tell me please why does the last version of AIDA64 (Engeneer edition) for this notebook show "4 GB" then?
  4. Fiery, unfortunately there is no such info on the Motherboard / Chipset page... The notebook is ASUS EEE PC 1005PXD. The CPU is Intel Atom N45. Can you tell me please how are you going to get the required info?
  5. Hi there! Guys, I'm wondering is there a way to identify what's the supported memory (RAM) maximum of a notebook via AIDA64? I didn't find this info Thank you!
  6. Fiery, I meant SATA revision on a motherboard because Storage / ATA shows the maximum of SATA revision which support HDD/SSD. For example, it shows for my SSD "SATA-III" though my motherboard support only SATA-I. So it's not the current revision.
  7. Hi there! Guys, could you tell me please is it possible to identify what SATA revision is used on a notebook via AIDA64? Thank you!
  8. Fiery, Actually those 3-4 computers are located in our Administration Department. So I need to monitor them remotely. Other computers can be checked locally without AIDA64. So as I get in our case we need to buy a license on 50 nodes? It's too expensive for our company :-( Does Extreme Engineer version provide to monitor computers remotely?
  9. Hello! We are going to buy Business Edition. Could you explain please what does "5 nodes" mean? We have 50+ computer in our network. But actually AIDA64 will be used only for 3-4 computers. So are we allowed to buy "AIDA64 Business Edition 5 nodes" in this case? Thank you!
  10. Hm... it seems i'm at a wrong way. The main task is collect information from all computers in my domain. Tried to do it thru command-line: aida64.exe /R ws19.txt /RMTHOSTS ws19 /HW /TEXT where "ws19" is the remote hostname. But it doesn't work - the same way AIDA collect info from MY computer So what's wrong?
  11. Hi there! I'm trying to get report on a remote computer from my domain via Remote - Remote System Information (Business Edition) and got the following error: Error 10061: Connection refused. Could you explain me please what's the problem? Btw, RDP works well on all computer from my domain. Thank you!
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