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  1. I found GPU registers under Video debug - hope it is the same. yes, they do report incorrectly under load as well. Not sure what to make out of GPU-Z - it shows 50... All 3 shown in the picture above nvidiagpureg.txt
  2. MSI RTX 3080 Ti Suprim X Aida 64 Extreme 6.33.5700 (Latest) Nvidia 471.11 Driver MSI afterburner shows 405 MHz - Aida 64 OSD shows 810. GPU clock is correct, memory clock always double.
  3. It may very well be a malfunction. I can try to use another tool to verify this. It's just strange that the cores can still be read I also see that GPU2 Diode also flickers on/off (visible in aida not visible). Clearly an issue with the board. Just to take heat out of the equation - where on the board can I position a fan to cool that logic?
  4. Hi and thanks, Yes I mean that the CPU reading always reads 40C after a while. If I reboot it works well for maybe a day and then it gets stuck at 40 - regardless of load. The cores are OK. It may be the BIOS of course, but since I have had it working just fine before using this BIOS it doesn't really support that theory. I do not have the Asus AI suite installed. The only monitoring software I have is AquaSuite - monitoring the watercooling - it reads from Aida via WMI.
  5. Hi For the last months I've had a problem with my temp readings on the CPU - after a while it is stuck at 40C and the only way to get it back is to restart the computer (restart of aida64 is not enough). The cores and CPU package are still fine. I haven't done anything to my configuration, but have added the setting "Write values to WMI" under external applications to feed Aquasuite. Aida64 version: v270.2250 Beta MB: Asus Rampage IV Extreme Bios: 1101 CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K
  6. Ahh, well they never learn Would love to see a mode for us who ditched the AI Suite - reading all banks...
  7. Hi, I had a similar problem when running the 2 together, AI Suite reported 2nd VTTCPU voltage as 0V every now and then and PCH temps ranging from -50k to 800c.... Weird, And the CPU temp would lock to 40C after a while - guessing it got stuck when both of you tried to read it I'll try to add my voice to the choir to make Asus use mutexes. BTW, why is AI Suite able to see so many more sensors than Aida64? THis is on RE4.
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