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  1. Thank you, Fiery, that worked. Initial run of Haswell i7 4770k at 1.15 vcore at 4 GHz produced these temps in AIDA64 stress test: Mask:0x40 core1:36c core2:36c core3:42c core4:49c** Mask:0x10 core1:36c core2: 39c core3:51c** core4:37c Mask:0x08 core1:39c core2:51c** core3:41c core4:33c Mask:0x01 core1:52c** core2:41c core3:42c core4:33c Now I can push core 1 to it's peak and use adaptive with per-core. Thanks!
  2. Can anyone give me examples of cpu bit masks to use for a 4-core multithreaded cpu? I tried variations such as 1001 for cores 1 and 4, 0xFF00FF00 for cores 1 and 3, etc. None of these work as expected. Do I need a prepend or postpend for binary? The default for hex was 0x. Thanks!
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