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  1. 5 year anniversary passed! Traditional a gift made of wood (if this were a marriage!) All joking aside, this request is very similar to the other thread - Except I also want to cover the network connections too.
  2. I forgot a few 6 monthly reminders! But can you do it now? PLEASE! Haha. It happened again tonight, uploads spiked to 10MB and I wanted to quickly figure out what it was - but by time Task Manger open had dropped back down...
  3. Just chiming in for my 6 monthly update a bit early - no joy with this update by any chance?
  4. Hey, I thought I might just give my 6 monthly "bump" to this thread . Any joy yet with an idea such as this? Thanks.
  5. Just using an application that was a memory hog and this functionality jumped back into my head. Any updates about implementing it?
  6. Hey, Would it possible to have a list like Task Manager does where the processes / applications that are using the CPU or network would come up. EDIT: On the LCD I mean. I ask for this as I find myself noting via AIDA64 on my LCD that the CPU might be at 20% and then I wonder what might be causing it so I open task manager to find out. It would be ideal if I could have a list like that on a different page on the LCD via AIDA64 so I could quickly check what was causing the spike. A similar idea for the network would be great like what's found in the "Processes with Network Activity" tab of the Resource Monitor. Many thanks.
  7. Just came across this in the new Precision X (or maybe it was there for ages and I didn't know about it), but it might help put a different perspective on what we were talking about above.
  8. Cheers! Hadn't checked this thread in a while and then noted as I was playing around with the LCD that it was working today! Thanks for that. Working well so far!
  9. Hi, Just wondering if some one could break down the difference between the 4 parameters. I know TDP relates to % power consumption, but the other 3 are a bit more obscure. I came across this thread but it doesn't shed much light on what they actually represent... http://forums.aida64.com/topic/555-question-on-gpu-monitoring-items/ Fiery, on 10 Oct 2011 - 09:27 AM, said: VE = Video Engine MC = Memory Controller
  10. Yea, I would have to say this too. My G19 and AIDA64 are the perfect match and the reason I got AIDA64.
  11. Thanks. Any rough idea on the time scale for such a rewrite? Next 6 / 12 months?
  12. It would be really handy if AIDA64 could allow a overall NIC download and upload info for the LCD output like a G19s, instead of currently there is NIC1 NIC2 etc. This becomes an issue with VPN's that create a virtual network adaptor, which for me is NIC2. I would prefer to get overall numbers for NIC's.
  13. Yea, I also would think this would be absolutely excellent. Wattage, efficiency, PSU temp and fan! Very cool addition.
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