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  1. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Tried it again for 6 hours with the same good results. This is a keeper :-) Is it safe to assume that the fixes you made in this BETA version will be in the next stable release of AIDA64 Extreme Edition ?
  2. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Tried it for about 30 minutes and so far so good. CPU Fan RPM is working and no events are appearing in Windows event viewer. I'll post back here if a problem does arise, but from the looks of things that seems unlikely. Thanks very much Fiery. Regards, Frank
  3. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Thanks once again Fiery. I'll look for your message.
  4. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    When I double clicked HSPD I got the dialog shown in the screenshot.
  5. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    I've been using GPU Diode for GPU temperature, that didn't change and is still available in build 1922. With regard to the two missing items I marked in bold font..... 1 - I don't really care about the first item (GPU °C) because GPU Diode will suffice. Yes?/No? I only mentioned it because I noticed it missing in build 1922. 2 - My real concern is with the second item (CPU Fan Speed), which I need, but it seems to have disappeared completely. The only Cooling Fan listed on the Computer / Sensor page is GPU (see screenshot below), which isn't much use to me because a) it always seems to read a static value of 30% (unlike the fluctuating RPM value the CPU Fan Speed reported in previous builds), and because there is no GPU Fan per se in this ThinkPad. IOW The CPU fan cools both the CPU and the GPU to the best of my knowledge. Is it no longer possible to monitor CPU Fan Speed, as I did with previous builds, because of the work done to eliminate the Windows error events? Regards, Frank
  6. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Thanks again Fiery. While I haven't seen any warnings or errors in Event Viewer, I have lost two items from both my OSD and logs. Below is a screen shot containing the stats logs for builds 1917 & 1922. On build 1917 I have marked in bold font the items that are now missing from build 1922. I am using the same ini file. FYI While waiting for build 1922, I have updated Lenovo Power Manager as well as my system BIOS to the most current versions. Regards, Frank
  7. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    OK, thanks Fiery. I'll check back in a couple of days.
  8. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Given the CPU's TJMax of 105, I kind of figured it would have been fried by now if the values were correct. But I had to ask :-) Unless you say differently, I'll assume the same is happening with GPU temp and CPU fan speed. I don't really want to uninstall the Lenovo Pwr Mrg application & driver because I recently changed its CPU Speed setting from Performance Mode to Adaptive Mode and am running about 20 degrees cooler because of it. That's what got me into monitoring temps in the first place and I'm afraid that uninstalling it would open a new can of worms. However, there is an update available for the Pwr Mgr application (but not for the driver). I'll perform the update sometime today. Would you like me to try the beta again, or should I reinstall the original AIDA64 program and try that first? Regards, Frank
  9. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Thank you for such a quick response. Unfortunately the results are much worse. After running AIDA64 and logging for only 5 minutes, Event Viewer logged almost 400 of the same events as before. 10 of them Errors, the rest Warnings. I've attached a screenshot of the AIDA64_LOG_2012-04-18_03-17-05_log.csv log file, mainly so you can see the items I'm logging in case it makes a difference. But also because I have a question about spikes I've been seeing in some values. Please be aware that these spikes were present before, they are NOT something new in this beta version. Notice the spiked values under CPU temp (144), GPU temp (144) and CPU fan speed (40863). In the OSD they appear for appx 4-5 seconds then the value returns to normal. Note that while the CPU temp spikes, the Core temps remain unchanged. My concern is that I don't know whether AIDA64 normally reports such erroneous values, or if my CPU is actually spiking to 144 degrees, or if I'm getting these spikes just because AIDA64 is running on a T500 ThinkPad. Is it normal to see such spikes? Could you please explain? One final question. I'm logging CPU2 % simply because AIDA64 reports values for it, but I have only 1 dual core CPU. What is CPU2? Regards, Frank
  10. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Yes v2.30.1900.0 FWIW I thought you might like to know this..... My BIOS settings indicate the Embedded Controller Version is v1.06. While there is a more recent BIOS version update available from Lenovo, the EC version remains unchanged. So my ThinkPad is using the most recent EC version.
  11. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Thanks, I'll use it sparingly since I haven't had any crashes yet. In the meantime I'll check this thread from time to time. I hope you don't have a problem reproducing the issue. Out of the box AIDA64 should produce the warning events fairly quickly, within a minute or so. I use the OSD and logging and can't say if they'd be produced when those features aren't being used. The Error events, however, are few and far between, and may take an hour or more before one is logged. My most recent 60 minute session went like this.... -After 1 minute 31 warning events had been logged -After 21 minutes 4 more warnings were logged -50 minutes after starting an error event was logged I closed the program after 60 minutes, the error was the last logged event.
  12. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Thanks once again Fiery. Below is the ThinkPad info, please let me know if you need more. Model: T500 (2081CTO) Processor: Intel Core2 Duo CPU T9400 @ 2.53GHz Memory: 3.00 GB Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 Operating System: Windows XP Pro (32-bit) SP3 I did purchase AIDA64 Extreme Edition given that the event Warnings seemed benign and harmless. Then the first Error appeared, and I received one more since then. I suppose my best course of action is to play it safe and suspend use of AIDA64 for the time being. My only question now is how I will keep abreast of this situation. Should I check this thread from time to time or should I submit a Support Ticket so I can be notified via email? I'm a patient guy but if you could give me a time frame it would be helpful, just so I have some idea of what to expect. Regards, Frank
  13. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Thanks again Fiery. This morning I deleted several of the default log items and replaced them with the items I'm most interested in. After 1-1/2 hours of logging I had only 44 of the warnings appear in System Event Viewer. That's certainly more tolerable than 500 in 6 minutes. But this time I did get one red-X error event..... Event Type: Error Event Source: ACPIEC Event Category: None Event ID: 1 Date: 4/14/2012 Time: 11:49:39 AM User: N/A Computer: FRANKS_LAPTOP Description: \Device\ACPIEC: The embedded controller (EC) hardware didn't respond within the timeout period. This may indicate an error in the EC hardware or firmware, or possibly a poorly designed BIOS which accesses the EC in an unsafe manner. The EC driver will retry the failed transaction if possible. Clicking the link in the event produced this additional info from MS...... Explanation The embedded controller (EC) hardware did not respond within the time limit. The EC driver will retry the failed transaction. If the EC continues to fail, the operating system might stop responding, or "hang." Possible causes include: -An error in the EC hardware or firmware. -A poorly designed basic input output system (BIOS) that accesses the EC incorrectly. As mentioned earlier, I've never had any ACPIEC events until I started running AIDA64. So I don't see how the possible causes mentioned above could be responsible for the error. My concern now is that AIDA64 could be accessing the EC in an "unsafe manner" and cause my system to stop responding or hang. What do you think?
  14. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    Thanks. Based on your reply I started using the trial version. I can't say I've had stability issues as there hasn't been any crashes or such. But after trying out the logging feature I found lots of the following warning events in System Event Viewer.... Event Type: Warning Event Source: ACPIEC Event Category: None Event ID: 3 Date: 4/14/2012 Time: 12:53:52 AM User: N/A Computer: FRANKS_LAPTOP Description: \Device\ACPIEC: The embedded controller (EC) hardware returned data when none was requested. This may indicate that the BIOS is incorectly trying to access the EC without syncronizing with the OS. The data is being ignored. If I recall correctly, I used whatever the default logging items were, with the log frequency at 5 seconds. Below is a screenshot of some of the events, there were more than 500 of them logged over the 6 minutes I was trying the feature. You can see groups of about 8 or 9 occurring with the same time stamp, then recurring about every 5 seconds. I've never experienced this particular warning until now, so I stopped using the program for the time being. Is there an easy way I can configure AIDA64 Extreme Edition so it won't generate these warnings?
  15. fixed: AIDA64 makes ThinkPad crash

    I've read this thread with great interest as I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T500 that just went out of warranty after 3 years and am looking for a utility to monitor temperatures of various components. While looking at a free utility I noticed that the FAQ addressed the issue of "unexpected actions as shutdowns and standbys" by saying newer versions of the ThinkPad Power Manager Program and/or Power Manager Driver don't "team up" very well with the utility. A workaround is given at this page (it's the first question in the FAQs section near the bottom)... http://www.staff.uni-marburg.de/~schmitzr/donate.html I don't know if that has anything to do with the issue in this thread, but thought it was worth mentioning after reading Squall Leonhart's comment. I ended up looking at other utilities to avoid such issues, which led to my interest in the AIDA64 Extreme Edition. What's the verdict on AIDA64 Extreme Edition & ThinkPads? Am I more likely than not to expect such issues running it on a T500? Regards, Frank PS: I use ThinkPad Power Manager v1.99j and Power Mgmt Driver v1.64.00.00