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  1. AIDA64 gadget on Windows 7

    Or, ok, i thought have some mean to use it without AIDA64 be running. Thanks!
  2. I have AIDA64 installed here and I want the gadget for me to check temperatures on PC. I enabled it there a preference, it appears here and stuff ... But if I close the AIDA64 he says that "AIDA64 is not running or is not enabled gadget." Since I left marked here. With it open: http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photos/RAAAAL6N_EG4TSviVRH2jlCw82sCwZbZtOMaiq4P3sdmt_melcOOUKpdJj9_v7bPb1_yUohLKSm85qrDqqbK88G3L1Bwml6lHSS7Z7BCETg7NrYvAJtU9VBcopd3jscdd7prDK1p5mJn7gm5YA.jpg With it closed: http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photos/QwAAANRlf6MMq5AAvIWIqEJyzTHC94r_VjBgRY_2_VbLlBm2R7XN3XIUfoXv8h6vaNz85ZICJE6_m4queWNVC0qEj94-8ZZKqeA1eqISG3Xn-VNYAJtU9VBhRhG5YxggK1gQkOUxRv8sXqKhTQ.jpg How do I leave it running without the AIDA64 be open? What choice do I have to mark and where?