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  1. wow, nice to see that it is already existing ! But I tried and do not succed. Here is a screenshot of my registry settings. I don't see anything in aida64 ! can you help me ? EDIT : ok, My aida64 was not up to date, it's working now ! many thanks !
  2. Hi, I am bulding my own rheobus to drive my 4 pins PWM fans with temp monitoring. Data should be displayed on a logitech g19 LCD. How can i supply Aida64 with data from my home made sensor ? I have found custom var on business edition of aida but these are not accessible on the LCD. It would be great that we can access these custom vars on the lcd so that every custom sensor which can write some registry value or in a text file would working with the lcd display ! Is there a workaround to do that ? Thanks.
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