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  1. I really feared that you would say something like that. So it all depends on AC and the Aquasuite, that those values even though published correctly by aida64, cannot be imported :-/. Though I've seen some screenshots over in the AC Forums where this guy has been able to import at least some of those values (i.e. 1. CPU Core 2 Temp / 1. CPU Core 4 Temp) which are missing here (and it looked like he would have used one of the most recent Versions of Aquasuite). Also it's really hard to believe that so important values like GPU1 Diode / GPU2 Diode would have been messed up without many ppl comp
  2. Hi Fiery, thanks for the very fast answer. I'm just trying around with the Trial on the other Screen, but I find some strange things in the publication to the external application (Aquasuite). Which leads me to some more questions, if you don't mind: 1. For example CPU core 2 / 4 temperature readings. The sensor readings are there and displayed in the main application under sensors and they are shown and chosen to share in the External Applications page in the Preferences, but if I want to add them in the Aquasuite there's only CPU Diode and Core 1 and 3 temp, the other 2 readings are mis
  3. Hello there, actually I'm considering to buy aida64 Extreme Edition, but I'm unsure about if the Features I need are really covered, so a short info would be really great. I intend to use aida64 just to Export sensor readings to Aquaero 6 Aquasuite to manage my custom watercooled System. In the Trial Version, only certain values are published to the Aquasuite (WMI Share is enabled). But what I really Need to know is if every value / sensor reading aida64 is cabaple to show in the main application is also published to 3. Party apps? Thanks in advance! Decite
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