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  1. Yes but the Aida64 that loads in the startup is a portable versión so I don't have any clue where must be stored...
  2. I can't open the Aida64 menú options since the trial versión has finished it's evaluation period and only a dialog box opens to enter the product key.No Aida64 task in the Task Scheduler nor in the msconfig.
  3. I have installed this beta versión in my Pc.When starting Windows 7 Ultimate it loads in the startup and a splash screen appears in the desktop.It keeps in a folder in C:\Users\David\Appdata\Temp. If I delete this folder and the registry input when restarting Windows it loads again. Is this a virus? How can I disable it? Regards PS Also if I uncheck the load splash screen in the startup when restarting it loads again
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