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  1. It seems that the Firefox freezing was caused by AdBlock Plus. There's no more freezing now that I'm working without it. I will install it back and see what happens. Anyway, thank you for your help!
  2. OK, do you mean that I should check for the same freezes during the test or after the test? Do I have to leave the PC alone durning the test and do nothing? Or should I browse the web during the test? Could the test damage my computer in any way?
  3. Hi! I have had AIDA64 for time now and I think it could be useful for troubleshooting a Firefox freezing problem that I have. I would like to use AIDA64 to monitor my computer in real time so that after the freeze I could go back and be able to see what (process, service, hardware...) is causing the problem. I think that the problem is software related but am not sure. The problem itself: I am experiencing a weird problem, for about half a year now. I've tried troubleshooting it but to no avail - it really seems random and it happens at least once a day, always when using Firefox, usually (in fact, I think it could be only) when opening a new tab with contents (website, whatever). Event Viewer doesn't save any info on the matter. I have Windows 7 SP1 x64, latest Firefox, latest Avast AV, latest Sandboxie, latest Flash etc. This is happening on a Sony VAIO laptop, Intel Core i7, 6 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GT 425M, 500 GB HDD. So, what exactly is the problem that happens every day, sometimes a few times a day? When I'm using Firefox my whole screen freezes for about 10-20 seconds. The screen freezes up, Firefox and everything else, I'm only able to move the mouse cursor, keyboard freezes as well. I usually have music playing in the background (I use Winamp) and it keeps playing during the freeze, only the display is completely still. A couple of times it happened so that the mouse froze as well. At those rare occasions the music stopped playing too and when the PC got un-frozen I heard a loud BEEP. And then I could use it normally again and music starts from where it left off. I would LOVE to come to the bottom of this problem as it's really really annoying. If anyone has ever experienced this kind of behaviour or has any idea about fixing it, please help. So, how can I help myself with the AIDA64 to troubleshoot the problem? Thanx!
  4. Can stressing the CPU and GPU be in any way dangerous? How long should I do it? What do I have to watch out for? High temps? Can I do the same on my laptop too?
  5. So which AIDA64 test would be right to stress-test my CPU and see how it holds up with temps under heavy load? How do I do it? Thank you!
  6. If I gon and overclock the CPU (with the stock heatsing & fan), how far can I go? Like, how hot should the CPU be when idle? Thank you!
  7. Hello again! Yesterday I changed the thermal paste to cool down my friend's desktop PC and also cleaned all the dust from the computer. Then I went and checked the idle temps but they seem kind of high to me (maybe a little lower than before I changed the paste). I was thinking about overclocking the CPU a little to gain some performance but am not sure if I should do it with temps like that stock heatsink and fan), what do you think - are the temps normal? Here are the desktop PC's specs: CPU: DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ @ 2.40 GHz MOBO: Asus M2N-E SLI RAM: 3 GB DDR2-800 GPU: Geforce 9500 GT HDD: Seagate ST3320620NS (320 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-II) BIOS: Latest OS: Windows XP SP3
  8. Hi again! My laptop maybe got a little more dusty + it's summer here - but I think that the main reason for higher temperatures might be that I disabled the CPU C3/C6 SUPPORT in BIOS in order to stop the fan whining - here are my current idle temps (are they too high?): And here are my old idle temps (from the first post):
  9. Good to know. I was asking because the desktop is quite loud even when idle. Maybe it's the GPU cooler that's making the noise, I'm not sure. Anyway, thank you very much, Fiery!
  10. Thank you for the answer. My desktop computer is quite loud in idle mode so I measured it's temperatures too. Is about 3 years old too, here are the specs: CPU Type : DualCore AMD Athlon 7750, 2700 MHz (13.5 x 200) Motherboard Name : ASRock N68-S Video Adapter : nVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (p729) Video Adapter I left it running idle in Windows 7 x64 for a couple of minutes, here are the average temperatures (CPUs ranged from 44 to 54 in those few minutes): Motherboard : 39,2 °C CPU : 48,5 °C CPU #1 / Core #1 : 34,1 °C CPU #1 / Core #2 : 34,1 °C MCP : 60,3 °C (what is MCP by the way?) GPU Diode : 47,7 °C HDD1 : 38,0 °C So, are those temeratures normal or should I reapply the thermal paste on the CPU (never done that before)? Or is there another simpler solution to make it quieter/colder? Again, thank you for your comments in advance!
  11. Hi! I bought my laptop a little less than 3 years ago, here are the specs: CPU Type : QuadCore Intel Core i7 740QM, 2533 MHz (19 x 133) Motherboard Name : Sony VPCF13S0E Video Adapter : nVIDIA GeForce GT 425M (Sony) Video Adapter I left it running idle in Windows 7 for a couple of minutes, here are the average temperatures (CPUs ranged from 41 to 50 in those few minutes): Motherboard : 40,6 °C CPU : 42,5 °C CPU #1 / Core #1 : 43,0 °C CPU #1 / Core #2 : 42,9 °C CPU #1 / Core #3 : 43,0 °C CPU #1 / Core #4 : 42,9 °C GPU Diode : 40,6 °C HDD1 : 35,0 °C So, are those temeratures normal or should I reapply the thermal paste on the CPU (never done that before)? Thank you for your comments in advance!
  12. This only happened twice and only when I played that particular game. I won't bother you anymore now, I'll just keep logging and will write back only if it happens again. Maybe it's hardware (overheating) or maybe it's even the game itself (but it's strange that there's no BSOD). Thank you very much for all your help!
  13. I played that same game which shutdown my laptop twice for a while (the PC didn't shutdown, I just quit playing normally) and this are the results (statistics). If you look at the temperatures you can see that the CPU was quite hot (up to 78°C), is that normal? What about the voltages, RPM, how do they seem to you? Is everything normal or is something too hot?
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