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  1. I was going to renew my AIDA64 license; however 2 things stopped me: I received an email saying I can have an upgrade fo $19.95 (US Dollars) but when I clicked the link it said $27.95. Why so sneaky? I only used a Discover Card for online purchases. This does not seem to be an option. Will support for Discover be implemented? Thanks for reading; I hope I can give you money. MikeY
  2. Oh I wanted to respond and say thank you for all your help. The ability to customize the SensorPanel is pretty cool. It reminds me of a cleaner version of Rainmeter.
  3. I just updated to version 2.5 and even after looking through the changelogs, knowledge bases, and even this forum, I cannot seem to see the new/cool SensorPanel graphs and gauges. When I turn on the SensorPanel, I just see the old low-res blue-background SensorPanel...I could not even find any new gauges or anything when trying to add new items to the panel. What am I doing wrong? (I apologize if this is something obvious I missed.. ) Thanks much in advance! MikeY
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