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  1. Read the next topic of reset bios, decided to try, aida start. The problem was setting ASUS/3rd Party UI Priority was in the value of 3rd Party Utility, I changed it to ASUS Utility. Strange of course, but good, that I understood why. Thanks Fiery. Sorry for my english
  2. I thought that you need to extract a single file, extract all the files here. Summary information, are not all loaded after a while, the whole window freezes, process loads one core and can not close it
  3. Yes, I work with root privileges. Сopied one exe, it's run
  4. Hello. Aida64 can not read sensors. Window does not close, when you try to kill the process, say "unable to terminate aida64.exe" . Helps only restart PC. Tried on last stable and beta versions. Help, please. Sorry for my bad english.
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