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  1. @ newbie you are the best i have been struggling for a week to get that working.
  2. How do i do that? Sorry about the copy and paste not sure on how to attach files. [Generic] NoGUI=0 ControlPanelIcon=0 LoadWithWindows=0 SplashScreen=1 MinimizeToTray=0 CloseToTray=0 IconStyle=7 AppStart=Normal NetUpdateFreq=0 NetUpdateType=S NetUpdateSavePkg=0 NetUpdatePkgFolder= PersonalFullName= PersonalEmailAddress= Language=en LoadKD=1 LowLevelMSR=1 LowLevelPCI=1 LowLevelSMBus=1 LowLevelSensor=1 LowLevelFanDivConf=1 LowLevelSMART=1 LowLevelRAIDEnum=1 LowLevelRAIDSMART=1 LowLevelNVDRVSMBUS=1 LowLevelNV3DMode=1 LowLevelACPISMBus=0 LowLevelAppleSMC=1 LowLevelATKEX=1 LowL
  3. Hi i need some help i have installed SQL and set it up on a test VM, when i run Aida64 from command line to insert into the database it gives me this error: Warning: Error occured during report generation process SQL is installed on a windows 7 pr 32bit VM, and i tried aida on XP, Win7, Win8. Please i need help
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