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  1. Since disabling those options, I have only got one time blue screen. Everything else works fine. I will keep experimenting the beta and will let you know.
  2. No. Not any special USB device. Sometimes I use a mouse not any other special device. I will try to check it if that is happening with my mouse.
  3. One more problem with the beta. Sometimes (not all the time), I get blue screen error DRIVER_VERFIER_DETECTION_VOILATION something like that when I click on "Sensors" in the app.
  4. Okay fixed it. Downloaded the latest beta and updated. Works fine now.
  5. Hello, I have recently download the trail version of AIDA64 Extreme from your download page. After installing when I open, it hangs on "Reading MSR Data" and uses 30% CPU and never starts. I use Windows 8.1 + latest update. I tried to run in compatibility mode for Windows 8 but nothing. I have Dell Inspiron N5521. Also I tried one other app HWMonitor that didn't start too. Any help would be appreciated. Regards,
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