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  1. AIDA64 updated to version 5.00.3308, still the same problem, ie A hardware error and test shutdown. i have retested my system with prim95 for many hours with no failures.
  2. Hi i have already tried, my system back in default settings before i posted the problem, also my AIDA64 has just upgraded to version 4.70.3237, and still have the problem, the only thing that, i have noticed is that it will run with only the CPU being stressed, but still gives an hardware error when FTP and/ or Cache selected.!
  3. Hi i have the same problem running the stability test as a person named njudell, my system is ok with prime95 for hours, but will not run for a min without giving an hardwire error. also i followed njudell's post, ie checking dll's and reinstalling etc, to no success!. p.s. i have attached a report of my system. Report.txt
  4. I have a problem just like eldrin, posted a few days ago, also tried all the suggestions relating to that post. my pc has been stable, and works with prim95. please can you help?
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