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  1. Seems that newest asus bios 1304, which came out 3 days ago, fixed the issue. After flashing i did a lot of cpu bench runs, with aida kernel enabled, and there's no bsod or nv driver error. Regards.
  2. I've renamed kerneld.x64 as you said and made about forty runs, no bsod so far. but one time I've got windows popup message about "nvlddmkm has stopped working and successfully recovered"
  3. Hello! Some problem here. When running AIDA CPU Benchmark CPU Zlib of CPU Photoworxx a BSOD D1 occurs. For this they must be run multiple times. Can happen on the 3rd run, and maybe on the 10th. System is not overclocked. Prime95 Blend 12 hour passes with no errors. Aida stability test ran successfully for 8 hours. Except these two AIDA CPU benchmarks system is ablsolutely stable. Config: i7 4790K Asus Z97-Deluxe Kingston 16Gb 2400MHz (2*8Gb) MSI GTX Titan Black Corsair AX760 Samsung SSD 840Pro 128Gb Toshiba SSD 256Gb WD 4Tb Asus Xonar STX Windows 8.1 x64 P.S Tried another MB (Gigabyte Z87X UD3H) and RAM (Corsair 16Gb 2133MHz), reduced memory to 1333MHz=no luck, same BSOD, tried to remove AV software, remove net drivers, ME drivers, Asus audio driver and adguard software, nothing helps, this BSOD is almost 100% reproducible. P.P.S Tried 3 latest NVidia drivers 337.88, 340.43, 340.52 Minidump.zip
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