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  1. I fix the problem but it was not easy 1) I format my PC install drivers then AIDA64 and RTSS v 6.4.0 first 5 sec works OSD in game then finish no more OSD in game. I restart my PC and same error message 2) Again Format my PC install drivers then AIDA64 and RTSS but version 6.1.2 I never had any problems with this version and it works no error messages etc. I think I mad mistake because I downloaded latest version it will be better to leave 6.1.2 ! For now it works but better will be if AIDA64 had own software for OSD - External Applications or at least more softwares support AIDA64. Only one RTSS not very good.... AIDA64 is awesome software!
  2. I try anything.... what is WMI or Registry I see in settings? It would not be possible to AIDA64 have own program for External Applications...? I know that problem is in the register or... because I install AV and Firewall... and from that time RTSS did not work any more. I uninstall all but still show same message, possible when I deleted AV... settings was not restored and now it stuck If I only know where is this problem.... I know that is only one way to fix this Format but then no more AV or Firewall or.... on my computer again I really like AIDA64 + RTSS. AIDA64 have so many sensors is really awesome. I miss only one thing change names in the External Applications.... some names are to long if I turn names on. And meybe button up/down for External Applications will be very good same as Gadget have it at least change names wil be awesome... I really hope that some day someone will find where is a problem about RTSS... now only one mistake and is only one way format, if you want to continue using AIDA64 + RTSS
  3. Hello. I am using your software for years and is awesome best software ever made I have all in one OSD in games, OSD on desktop, try sistem etc. Never had any problems with RTSS but 3 days ago it show this message I know if I format my PC will works but only for this software..... is there any another program for OSD, which supports AIDA64? I remove AV... now I am using only Windows Defender but still same message
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