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  1. Hi, I am using aquaero 6 for water cooling control and temperature. The problem is simple. I want a decimal number on sensor item (water in and out) and 0 deciman number on gauge becouse with 1 decimal number they look very bad. Actually i have not a solution. I can set 1 deciman number for all or 0 for all, not mixed. Any idea ? Thank you
  2. I have a water cooling system. I would like a cheap solution to insert more sensors. I am using lcdhost to show informations on the screen of my logitech G19s and aida64 to grab sensors informations and pass them to the other program. I have a speed fan controller of the Sunbeam connected to three fans on the water cooler. I can change the speed by hand from 0 to 12v, so fan are off when i need silence. The fan's speed pin is connected to the mainboard and i can get and show the speed of each fan on my logitech G19s screen. I have buyed (i am waiting them) a water temperature sensor and a w
  3. Hello. I am looking for a fans/temperature sensors pci card. There are some supported by aida64 ? What about Bitfenix Recon ? It is supported ? Thank you !
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