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  1. I down load and installed the file as you suggested on my desktop.. I am still getting the error but not all the time. It was all OK until I installed the latest version which supported Windows 10. The latest version works ok on my laptop running Windows 10 Kind regards, Walter
  2. I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit Pro and I some times get this error message. I am running AIDA64 Extreme version 5.30.3500 build date 27/07/2015 C:\program Files (x86)\FinalWire\ADIA64Extreme\aida64.exe File system error (65535) Any idea what the trouble is?
  3. Hello, I am running Windows 8 64 bit and the latest AIDA64 v2.80.2300. SanDisk SDSSDP128G SSD does not show in the sensor listing only my conventional hard drives. Will the SanDisk SDSSDP128G be supported in future AIDA64 updates? Kind regards, Walter
  4. CPU-Z also freezes on my Windows 8 Pro, reading the information on CPU-Z it only supports up to Windows 7.
  5. Can AIDA64 Identiy mother board serial number? If not do you know how I can identify the mother board serial number. I am running Windows 8 64 bit Kind regards, Walter
  6. Thanks for your answer, the temperature is constant so no problem.
  7. I have fitted a OCZ-Agility 3 in place of a normal HDD (Seagate Barrcuda), My OCZ-AGILITY3 is showing as 30 °C (86 °F) by the latest AIDA64. The normal HDD AIDA64 stated it's temp as 27 C that I replaced by SSD! Is AIDA64 correct or is it a BUG? Kind regards, Walter
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