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  1. Just going to bump this instead of a new thread. Now I'm curious where the "motherboard" temp was taken at. This doesn't measure the VRM's, does it? Seems like generally, this is only a surface temp sensor, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks.
  2. Ok, I will do that. Thank you for your help.
  3. It basically reflects what Aida64 says. Yet, Aida64 shows my Core Temps as well within thermal limits. I also use the CoreTemp program and each core is also well within thermal limit, although about 5C higher than Aida64. If my Core Temps are so low, should I worry about the Socket temp?
  4. How can it be so high, when my Core temps are around 50C max load? I have 4 fans in my case and plan to add a 5th. (not including the 120mm fan on my CPU cooler) Is it possible its an inaccurate reading? Thanks. Typically, at full CPU load, it looks like this: Motherboard: 40C CPU : 71C CPU 1: 45C CPU 2: 45C Seems odd...
  5. Could you tell me what the "CPU" temp is reading? (not each core). It is reading really high temps and I am worried about it. Somewhere around 70-74C at full CPU load. I think its around 55C at idle. My core temps are like 25-30C idle and 55C max during full load. My case has decent airflow and I have a nice aftermarket CPU cooler. I don't know, I'm a little worried about that one. Thanks.
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