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  1. We'd like to know whether the CPU throttles during a certain period of time. For example, did CPU throttle from 8:00~16:00? Currently when we start the AIDA64 to record the CPU throttle activity, it won't stop recording unless we stop it.
  2. We used AIDA64 to record CPU throttling event but would like to limit the record period. Which AIDA64 package includes this feature? Also, is it possible to receive a notice once CPU throttled during the test?
  3. DTS can be found on the following. Which one does AIDA64 use to show throttling is triggered? 1. per IA core 2. on the System Agent (SA)/Uncore 3. on the GT core 4. L4 Cache (4+3e parts only) Also, when you say when CPU start throttling, the reported DTS temperature will quickly drop down a few defreecs Celsius, how quick is that? Within 1-2seconds?
  4. Hi, to monitor the CPU temperature on our Haswell system, we used both BIT and AIDA64. Somehow, the temperature readings are quite different. We don't know which one is correct. Also, the CPU Tjmax is 100C. When CPU temperature hits 100C, it's supposed to throttle. However, we found most of the systems throttling but the max CPU temperature was only 95C or even 84C. Is there any adjustment required to get the reading correct on Haswell platform? We did the test on 14 systems. All of them are the same systems based on Haswell i7-4650U. See our test data as posted.
  5. Hi, Recently we used AIDA64 to monitor the CPU temperature as well as throttling activation, but noticed something weird. When we stressed some systems using other s/w for 12 hours and AIDA64 was used for monitoring only. The test data showed that the CPU temp went up to 88~93C during the 12 hrs and AIDA64 showed no CPU throttling ever occured. After 12 hrs, the s/w that used to stress the system stopped, but AIDA64 kept monitoring the system. We found the CPU temperature going up and some units even had CPU throttled. Then we did another test. We still used AIDA64 to monitor the CPU temperature and throttling but didn't use any s/w to stress the system. However, CPU temperature still went up and throttled after a few hours. When AIDA64 is used for monitoring only, does it still stresses the system? Is there any setting we need to change to make sure that AIDA64 is simply monitoring but not giving loading?
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