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  1. Yes, i'm using the desktop PC with Windows 10.
  2. Thank you for your hard working, the hot-plug function works well . But i found it doesn't work when computer wake up from sleep mode (Sleep to RAM).
  3. I have configured the AX206 LCD display , but AIDA64 fails to initialize the LCD after me unplug and re-plug it. I tested with the LibUSB-Win32 official tool "testlibusb-win", the LCD display can be detected immediately after re-plug. The resolution is to close and restart AIDA64. Machine spec. : LibUSB-Win32- Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 10.0.10240.16771 (Win10 TH1) AIDA64 version 5.70.3800
  4. TomTom

    Sensor Issue

    Thank you for you reply, I found that the issue only occurs on the portable version, the installed one works fine. I notice the portable version will extract the kernel driver to my temperate folder. My template folder has point to a Ramdisk. So is that the compatibility problems cause this issue?
  5. Hi, I need you help for the sensor issue. The sensor can only show the info about the Storage device. Attached the ISA Sensor debug dump FYI. I had try to disable my Antivirus but nothing changed. Speccy is works well on my computer. Could you please help me solve the issue. Many thanksï¼
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