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  1. Just a small update. Having exchanged emails with Asus's support, they've told me to check if the PCH temperature can be read from their AiSuite III application ( bliaaahhh ), which it does. But, on the other hand, their software is really bad and a main cause of system instability, so I don't even have it installed ! Having a really small hope of Asus taking care of this issue in the end.
  2. OK. Seems you are right because also this BIOS has the "ramp-up fans bug" that is well-known on Asus motherboards lately. Thank you.
  3. Yes, Asus WMI is enabled on Stability page. Here is a copy of Computer/Sensors page: Field Value Sensor Properties Sensor Type Asus WMI (WMI) Temperatures Motherboard 25 °C CPU 34 °C CPU Diode 36 °C Power Supply #1 38 °C Power Supply #2 28 °C WDC WD4005FZBX-00K5WB0 31 °C WDC WD3003FZEX-00Z4SA0 31 °C Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB 32 °C WDC WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 27 °C Cooling Fans CPU 991 RPM Chassis #1 4591 RPM Chassis #2 2008 RPM Chassis #3 289 RPM Power Supply 0 RPM AIO Pump 907 RPM Voltage Values CPU Core 1.45 V CPU VID 0.81 V +3.3 V 3.30 V +5 V 5.00 V +12 V 12.09 V +3.3 V Standby 3.36 V CPU VDD 1.50 V CPU VDDNB 1.14 V Power Supply 230.00 V Current Values CPU VDD 27.02 A CPU VDDNB 14.79 A +3.3 V 1.81 A +5 V 4.44 A +12 V 6.00 A Power Values CPU Package 47.86 W CPU VDD 40.53 W CPU VDDNB 16.83 W +3.3 V 5.98 W +5 V 22.19 W +12 V 72.56 W Power Supply 100.73 W
  4. Hello. I've just updated the BIOS for my Asus X470-F Gaming to 5406 and it seems that the Chipset temperature sensor value is not showing anymore in AIDA64 sensors' list (using 6.20.5312 Beta version). I've attached the isasensordump.txt and it seems its Sensor #12. Thank you for your support. isasensordump.txt
  5. Yes. AIOPUMP sensor is visible again and its value seems correct. Thank you for the support.
  6. Using the latest beta (v5.99.4936) for evaluating purposes I cannot find the fan sensor named 'AIOPUMP' in sensors' list. This sensor is visible and enabled in BIOS. And visible in other hardware monitoring applications. Other fans like CPU and Chassis #1-#3 are shown without any problem. I think this sensor was visible in previous AIDA64 versions, but haven't noted which one was the last 'good' one. Thank you. isasensordump.txt
  7. I've just install the latest beta. Clock Speed per CPU Core is working just fine. Thanks !
  8. Hello. I'm using the Shared Memory option of AIDA64 to send out many sensors' data to my application (G15/G19 Smart Process). Is there a way to add to the Shared Memory the sensors that shows the speed in MHz of the available CPU Cores ? It would be great if you do. Thank you and keep the good work !
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