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  1. I have tried your suggest, but the RAM frequence and the GPU frequence can not be displayed. I have the following problem: On my G19 i have an Applet to show the frequence of the grahpic card, but in Settings / LCD / LCD Elements there is my picture and the buttons that i can add. And there is no element, that is called gpu frequence or gpu ram frequence for the nvidia card but there is one for the integrated card :-( As you can see in the Attached Files, there is an option for "GPU2 Takt" that is my integrated grahpic card, but there is no button for the "GPU1 Takt" (my Nvidia Card). And als
  2. You are the BEEEEEEEST !!!!! Thank you very much. Made my day :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) And another short question, why can't Aida display the GPU frequence and the GPU RAM frequence from the Nvidia card. Is that because the card is not compatible, or is it because of Aida, because the onboard card can show the frequence, but Nvidia not?
  3. Hy mates, i have got a new Laptop and for sure installed Aida64. There are 2 graphic cards in it, an integrated on and a Geforce Nvidia. I have got a Logitech G19s and an applet for it, but i have following problem: I want to see on the Applet the usage / chip temperature and so on of the Geforce card, but in Aida only the integrated one is in the graphic card menu :-( And of course Aida don't show the properties of the integrated one. At the beginning it worked, there were the properties of the Nvidia card displayed so i know that it is working, but after a restart everytime the in
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