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  1. Fiery, the Chill Control is not a problem for me. Thanks very much for your quick response. Enjoy, John.
  2. Fiery, thanks much! Fixed it right up! The last two items usually do not appear when the system is first booted. They did this time. I will see tomorrow if that continues. I selected the CPU pump and fan since it was there. If I open Antec Chill Control, these values go to zero in AIDA64 but look good in Chill Control. Thanks again and enjoy, John.
  3. Fiery, I seem to have a new problem with the fan sensors. CHA_FAN1 and CPU (this is really CPU_FAN2 on the MB) both always show identical RPM values. When one changes so does the other change to the same number. They both indicate about 1520 RPMs which seems about right for CHA_FAN1 but CPU should be closer to 2000 RPM. The other identical fan (make & model) shows 2123 RPM. I have pasted a ISA Sensor dump. Thanks and enjoy, John. ------[ AIDA64 v3.00.2500 ]------ ------[ Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.18113 Service Pack 1 (64-bit) ]------ ------[ Motherboard Info ]------
  4. Fiery, I can confirm that the BIOS version is correctly displayed on my ASRock MB when running v2.80.2306 Beta. Thanks and enjoy, John.
  5. Fiery, it would probably be best to name this CPU_FAN2 from CPU, Thanks and enjoy, John.
  6. Fiery, it seems to be working as planned. A fan named CPU shows in the Sensor page and in the OSD. It is really CPU_FAN2. I renamed it to Front Bottom in the OSD. Thanks much. Enjoy, John.
  7. Thanks, Fiery. I have DLed the Beta version zip file. It is a bunch of files and a folder. Should I just copy these over the top of the files in "C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme Edition"? Thanks and enjoy, John.
  8. Fiery, same results as yesterday. Dumps attached. I will be away from this machine for a couple of days shortly, so I cannot run more tests till I am back. I am quite willing to help, so please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks and enjoy, John. Step3superiodump.txt Step8superiodump.txt
  9. Fiery: 1. OK - power up with no F-Stream 2. AIDA starts on boot, both CPU_FAN1 and 2 are missing. 3. OK 4. OK (I found ISA Sensor Dump under Sensor Debug not System Debug) 5. OK 6. Both CPU_FAN1 and 2 appeared after several seconds, readings look good after a second or two 7. OK 8. One named CPU (2011 RPM), looks like CPU_FAN2 9. OK All four dumps plus the fan map are attached. I 7-Zipped the folder containing the five files then changed the file type to txt so I could attach it. Please change the file type back to 7z and extract it. Thanks and enjoy, John. ForFiery.txt
  10. Fiery, should my AMD MB be able to see the BIOS version? Attached is my CPUID page. Thanks and enjoy, John.
  11. OK,Fiery, I'll get it all done but probably not today. I just upgraded to v2.80.2300 and the OSD looks good (no CPU_FAN1 or CPU_FAN2), but I still need to confirm my connections. Thanks and enjoy, John.
  12. Fiery, I am happy to help with this if you are willing. Hopefully all ASRock 990FX users can benefit. Right now I need to make an accurate map of what fan is wired to what header. This will require me to power down and study but right now I need to get some other things done. I restarted my machine (did not power down) and did not run F-Steam and found the fan labeled CPU is gone but the chassis fan display still seems to be at odds with what I expect - thus the need for a mapping. Please let me know what I should do after my mapping. Thanks and enjoy, John.
  13. Fiery, I will run your experiment if you like, but first I need to report that the current fan display is not correct after running F-Stream. Attached is an ISA Sensor Dump and a screen shot of the Sensor page. The fan labeled CPU seems to be the top fan which is plugged into the CHA_FAN2 and the fan I have labeled Top (in OSD) ... well I got lost trying to tell what fan is what on the OSD, but several are mixed up. It appears that opening F-Stream has confused AIDA64. I am beginning to wonder if this is really necessary to ask you to pursue this for one fan RPM. I got a notice yesterday
  14. Yes, Fiery! Very interesting. In F-Stream both fans show and a fan called CPU shows in AIDA64 after closing F-Stream. The RPM tells me it is CPU_FAN2. I have never installed F-Stream due to my bad experience with AMD Overdrive on a previous machine. The machine is running stock and seems plenty fast for me, so no OCing. Thanks so much for your help! Enjoy, John.
  15. Fiery, the additional fan is plugged into CPU_FAN2 and was when the screen shot was taken. It does not show up. Using the HW monitor in the BIOS, I can see both CPU_FAN1 and CPU_FAN2 with valid values. CPU_FAN1 is the CPU fan and is about 670 RPM, CPU_FAN2 is the additional chassis fan and is about 2100 RPM. Both of these agree with I think they should be. I am not concerned with the AIDA64 interaction with ChillControl. I only mentioned it thinking it may have some relevance to my inability to see the additional fan plugged into CPU_FAN2. Thanks and enjoy, John.
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