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  1. Hi. My AIDA64 has stopped updating. It starts ok but when it's downloading the update an error occurs and it stops. Other than that, it works as good as always. Thank you
  2. Works great!!! Now all my sensors are correctly displayed. The thing that still remains is the odd CPU cores' temperature sensors readings. I can't understand what readings are being shown, because it's obvious that they cannot be below ambient temperature. It's strange since I've had AMD CPUs before and they allways showed the core temperatures right (I'm talking about socket 754, 939, AM2 and AM3 Phemon II X4 & X6 processors). Thank you very much!!!
  3. I have an ASUS A88XM-Plus with an AMD A10 7850K processor in it (I'm not using any dedicated video card). The thing is that, though I see in Bios that the motherboard reads correctly fan speed, this doesn't get displayed in the program and when I go into "Gadget items" those sensor readings are nowhere to be found. Also I'd like to know what's the problem with AMD's temperature sensors because temps readings are all over the place and none of them seem much accurate. Thank you. Dreadnought
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