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  1. @ Banwell - great background! I'm still staring at a black wallpaper... So I have had the exact same problem with my computer randomly shutting off every once in a while (new computer, corsair psu, didn't originally have this problem... I didn't know why but based on Banwell's response, I'm assuming its also the mobo's anti-surge protection) My probe II errors started randomly on june 8 which is exactly when I installed AIDA64. Given AIDA64 is an amazing chunk software, I'm definitely keeping it, but to prevent any issues and the random shutdowns (I'm assuming the anit-surge poweroffs were actually due to this and NOT real surges) I was wondering what's the best thing to do for stability: - enable that AIDA64 checkbox for "SMBus access through ACPI (Asus motherboards)" - disable (i.e. uninstall as I don't know of any manual disable options without uninstalling) PROBE II - both?
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