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  1. I have multiple network interfaces. I was referring to the two shown in the screenshot in my previous post above, NIC1 and NIC2. See attachment.
  2. I see that it works for you. Here's what it shows me. Note the "0.0 KB/s" on both network interfaces.
  3. Recently installed Win 8 pro upgrade along with AIDA64 v2.60. Also tried AIDA64 v.2.70.2200. AIDA detects network transfers on all enabled adaptors in the NETWORK/WINDOWS NETWORK section of the main window but neither the OSD or LCD panel are updated with the information. MB = Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe Thanks!
  4. Thanks, here's the file. Autoscaling works in the sensor panel but not on the LCD. 2012-06-11.zip
  5. I've been trying to make a DL and UL speed graph for the Logitech G19 LCD. My download speeds range from 0 to ~11000 KBps. Unfortunately, I can't get the graphs to autoscale. I check off autoscale when I'm modifying the graph properties but it has no effect. When I subsequently open up the properties sheet again, the autoscale checkbox is blank. Any possibility of a fix? I'm using Extreme Edition v.2.50.2000.
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