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  1. Sorry, I am using the sensor panel! which values should i modify?
  2. Hi I need help. I configured my 3 screens to surround and then decided not to do surround. now the osd panel is gone. I also found some "solutions" that ask me to delete the registry osdposx, osdposy and osdwidth (or something like this). I deleted these but it will not pull up my osd still. Then i found this thread, and then i try to add back osdposx and osdposy (as a new string), and set to 0, it still does not bring back my osd. I cannot remember the full name of osdwidth though. so i have not added this back in. Can you help me out?
  3. Hi I like to have input voltage on sensor panel, which one is this in the list of sensors? Cant seem to find it. Thanks
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