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  1. Thanks for the link, I have been testing the beta and it appears to be stable at default settings with XMP and turbo restriicted to 41x (normally 42x4 and 44x1) having successfully completed a 5 hour test. I am currently trying to underclock and undervolt to reduce temperatures in a HTPC mATX case, but the principles are the same as overclocking and now the stability of both PC and AIDAx64 are confirmed I can test the lowest stable voltage. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have recently begun testing a new build system more extensively, due to ongoing research into finding best settings for a motherboard BIOS. I have encountered a situation where I had the system running stable with AIDAx64 extreme stress test, then installed Intel XTU which has the ability to adjust motherboard settings and after doing this AIDA began throwing up flags for hardware errors during testing which caused it to stop the tests, sometimes after an hour sometimes after ten minutes. These settings had passed 8 hours of memtest 86+ but I rolled it back anyway to default plus XMP and a slight underclock of 4x41 for turbo which should be rock steady but AIDAx64 continued to stop testing with hardware errors. However with the same system settings OCCT runs fine for three hours without any errors at all and Intel XTU CPU stress test likewise is error free and (edit) completed and passed a 3 hours 5 mins run. Is it possible that a conflict of some kind is causing an hardware error to trip in AIDAx64 when there is none? Intel XTU can access and adjust the mobo settings directly from the OS so I was thinking it may have all kinds of access and services and registry settings which maybe could conflict with AIDAx64. Does that sound possible? OS Win 7x64 Ultimate Gigabyte GA Z97MX Gaming 5 BIOS F4 32Gb GSkill 2400 DDR3 @XMP Intel I7 4790K Seasonic SS-860 XP2 Gigabyte GTX770 OC
  3. When registering to use the forum you are required to tick a terms of use box with a link to the terms of use and another to privacy poliy beneath it. The terms of use link does not work but the privacy policy does. I had to tick the box to say I read it in order to report the bug, but I hadnt sorry. You may want to fix that.
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