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  1. I'm using ASUS Maximus VII Formula motherboard. I'm connected to SATA6G_6 using a Seasonic cable.
  2. Your suggestion worked. I am now using v5.00.3300 Stable with no optical drive problems. Thank you.
  3. I mean v5.00.3300 Stable does NOT work fine. I have been using v4.70.3200. On 11 DEC 14 I updated to v5.00.3300 and immediately my Pioneer optical drive stopped working. AIDA64 was the only change to my system. It seems that when you expanded the list of hardware support you somehow broke my particular setup. I am using PIONEER BD-RW BDR-209D. After update the optical drive did not show up in AIDA64. It also disappeared from Windows 8.1 Device Manager and ASUS Maximus VII Formula BIOS. I uninstalled AIDA64 and the drive was still disabled and not visible. Only after reinstalling v4.70.3200 did
  4. I installed v5.00.3300 update today and my Pioneer blu-ray drive stopped working and disappeared from BIOS, Windows 8.1 device manager and AIDA64. After unistalling AIDA64 the optical drive still would not work and could not be found in BIOS, or device manager. After reinstalling AIDA64 v4.70.3200 the drive worked and was again listed in BIOS, device manager and AIDA64. So now my blu-ray drive won't work unless AIDA64 is installed (but not with update v5.00.3300).
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