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  1. Thanks for your information. In CoreTemp the clock multiplier was wrong too (It was 10, not 9.5). But my only real problem is that aida64 core temps simply cannot be correct. So I think aida uses the Tj.Max of 90 for my CPU which is theoretically right. But at least in my case i dont get the right temperatures with aida64 as you can clearly see. 17°C CPU Temp in a Room with 23°C is actually not possible, so the Tj Max of 100 seems to fit more. But I dunno why actually... Another information: BIOS agrees with AIDA64s Core Temp. dafuq? Is it possible that all 5? sensors are damaged? I mean its not that important to know my cpu temperature since i know it will never reach a dangerous zone, but it would be nice to know the reason for the wrong values.
  2. I have a rather similar Problem. All my CPU sensor values are too low (16-17°C is a little too low if you only have a normal air cooler) The CPU Core sensor values are higher, but also around 10°C too low. Screenshot: ISA SENSOR DUMP CPU SENSOR DEBUG INFO
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