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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay.... finally tested it and it works ok with me too!!! I woke up this morning with my Aida64 still working and was able to open it from the taskbar notification tray with no problems! I never turn my PC off, so I will nofify if there are any changes over time, so far one night - all ok. Thanks for the fix - great service !!! Rob
  2. Yep same for me Sora, disabled external data shared memory and no lock up this morning! And you were right about Event Viewer too.... was sluggish redrawing screen etc when AiDA64 had hung, but all ok now.... I can live without shared memory, i used to so that my fan controller and LCD screen could read and use it, but i'll do it another way now..... Good luck Sora.....
  3. Yep.... i done the same as you last night! Disabled external data > shared memory. This morning.... AiDA64 all ok, no lock up and can open it from taskbar notification area without problem. The only issue i have is that the main purpose of having AiDA64 is for the external shared memory as i us it to allow my fan controller and LCD screen to read it to operate!!!! I think i will just use AiDA64 for benchmarking testing etc, and I'll use another method for sharing sensor info with other apps as AiDA64 is a bit of overkill just for that! good luck Sora!
  4. It gives me a warm feeling for a newbie to help an advanced member!
  5. Squall, I minimize on the normal page that shows all the icons like Computer, Motherboard, Operating System etc...with no AIDA64 pages open. Only thing running in AIDA64 is the publishing of sensor reading to shared memory for external applications to use (I have a 240x64 LCD Screen to display temps / fan speeds etc) and also the desktop gadget showing the same info. The only thing i think we may have in common Sora, is that when our systems get really busy, like 100% cpu for a while, is that AIDA64 has a problem reading or writing sensor information, it gets confused and hangs in some way. Im not sure what event will cause my pc to run at 100% at night when unattended, maybe backup or an audit process, or a system update, but for me it is everynight without fail..... Rob Rob
  6. yep.... double click it for me and something shows up under the START icon for a few seconds and disappears.. process is running..... desktop gadget is updating... but no open AIDA64..... because my issue only happens at night... i can only try one change per day and i have to wait until the next morning to see if it fixes the problem.... been trying now for 2 weeks!!!! its definitely not a memory issue for me, i've got 16gb and the max utilized never goes above 30%. Nothing appears in the events logs to indicate a problem either. tonight i may leave AIDA64 open on desktop rather than minimised to task bar notification area to see if that helps me.....
  7. its a command line option. Add it to the target field at the end = "C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme Edition\aida64.exe" /SAFEST The /SAFE command-line option could be used to disable several of AIDA64 low-level features -- in most cases this could eliminate all issues. Alternatively the /SAFEST command-line option could be used to completely disable all AIDA64 low-level features. Rob
  8. I have also tried to use the /SAFEST option on starting AIDA64 - no change either.
  9. Sora, I'm having similar issues as you in that AIDA64 v2.50.2000 is getting stuck in the Taskbar Notification Area. http://forums.aida64.com/index.php?/topic/868-please-help-aida64-get-stuck-in-taskbar-notification-area/ Mine happens over night when system is on but not being used with Lock screen, so i do not know if it causes any sluggishness, so i think I have an update or audit or something that happens that causes this for me. Its not the BACKUP, i disabled that, SSDs dont sleep, only apps running are Speedfan and LCD Studio to control my fan speeds and display info on my LCD. Ofcourse my problems may not be related to yours, but they share the same symptoms... Rob
  10. Hi, First of all, I love Aida64 extreme! But I have a constant problem with it. My Specs. AIDA64 Extreme v 2.50.2000 Startup on login - minimised External Applications > Enabled Shared Memory yes. (every 1 sec). Desktop Gadget > yes Logging > OFF Alerting > OFF Corrections > None Preferences as per attached screen shot. Windows 7 x64 PRO Sp1 CPU : Intel Core i7 -2700K 4600MHz (46x100) MB : Asus Maximus V Gene Bios 0810 Mem : 16Gb 4x4Gb Corsair Vengeance LP CML8GX3M2A1600C9 @1600Mhz Video : Gainward nVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Phantom @Clock 750Mhz Shade 1500Mhz Mem 975Mhz driver - nVIDIA ForceWare 296.10 Display : 24in ViewSonic VX2453 Series 1080p HD @1920 x 1080 60Hz SSD : 2 x 120Gb OCZ-VERTEX3 ATA Device (SATA-III) HDD : 1 x 1TB ST1000DM003-9YN162 ATA Device (SATA-III) ODD :PLEXTOR DVDR PX-L890SA ATA Device PSU : Corsair 750 AX CPU Cooler : Corsair H100 4 x 120mm Noctua NF-F12 PWM (2 Push/2 Pull) Case : Xigmatek Gigas Black OS : Windows 7 x64 Pro Sp1 Other : No Raid Config LudidLogix Virtu MVP enabled Matrix Orbital GX 5.25 Display - LCDStudio SW Problem: I start AIDA64 automatically from startup - minimised. ALL OK I run different apps all day - ALL OK I LOCK SCREEN - UNLOCK SCREEN any number of times - ALL OK I go to bed - LOCK SCREEN - GET UP NEXT DAY - UNLOCK SCREEN - AIDA64 will not open from Taskbar Notification Area. If i hover mouse over, tool tip shows "AIDA63 Extreme Edition" Right click mouse on icon - Nothing Left Click mouse on icon - Nothing Screen gadget shows updating temps etc ok! Other apps running = Speedfan to control my Fans, and LCD Studio to display temp/fan info on 240x64 LCD screen. Killing AIDA64 from Task Manager and restarting AIDA64 work OK. (until the next time i go to bed!) Over night, I thought that BACKUP was causing problem, so stopped backups, but no change. Also Disabled NVidia reading from SMB - No change. I've Added AIDA64 as a trusted app to AVP antivirus, no change. This happens everyday without fail. Any Ideas / help please? Rob
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