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  1. I am sorry if this has been asked before but I was wondering if there was away to display Ghz for the CPU clock speed vs Mhz. Trying to save some space on my Matrix Orbital EVE2 display. I didnt see an option in the Corrections section under prefs. Thanks again for all you do!!!!!! Morpheon
  2. I see the correct speeds as compared to the Network/Windows Network page, and I see the graphs now after I found a backup of an older layout BUT They are still missing from the list if I want to modify them - I have no idea how they are even displayed at all right now. Not really sure what to do
  3. yep under sensor item I see all of those NIC1 but if I change it to graph the rates disappear! No hardware changes... so weird had these graphed for years...
  4. Hey Fiery, Oddly about two weeks about upload and download speed graphs stopped working. The speed as number is reported but the graphs dont work at all anymore - deleted them and tried to re-add them but NIC1 Upload and NIC1 Download are missing in under the graphs dropdown option! So weird!! I tried the latest beta and stable AIDA64s but no dice - any ideas ? These were working fine before - no hardware changes....
  5. cool! good to know. Thanks again for you amazing attention and support. Still one of my favorite programs of all time!
  6. Well this appears to have fixed itself after waking up this morning it was updating as normal! After several cold boots and reboots its been acting fine. If you have any insight I would still appreciate it ! Thanks !
  7. I check all millisconds lines and log to be certain it wasnt gettting hung up even on the LCD configs screen it takes a lot of time "detecting system sensors".
  8. Hello, For some reason Aida is taking several minutes to update the sensor page and LCD on keyboard. I upgraded this machine with new video cards and a sound card and during the first few minutes it was acting fine - updating normally - then it just stoppped updating until every two or three minutes. in desperation I also did a clean install of win 10 - Same issue! Any thoughts ?
  9. HI! Just FYI this was finally fixed in forceware 375.86 - it was known for SLI configs only.
  10. Ok! Well I will roll back to a June driver and see if that helps. But ultimately we need nvidia to fix this ? I know some folks on the Geforce team I can reachout to if so...
  11. Thanks! Here are four dumps 1 Sli Disabled - Correct Ram Readings 2 Sli Enabled - Correct Ram Readings 3 Sli Enabled - Incorrect Ram Readings (bug) 4 Sli Disabled - Correct Ram Readings return https://www.dropbox.com/s/lofzc4vvytbtk6n/nVIDIA%20GPU%20Registers.zip?dl=0
  12. Any thoughts Fiery ? Should I just reformat and install win 10 ann stable? are there any logs that might be helpful that I can send. I can easily trigger the bug.
  13. Hi! Correct - it does NOT update the onboard flash. Choosing "white" for example in Aida it does NOT permanently change the back light to white - its only white while Aida is open. If you close Aida then whatever color you've chosen in the Matrix Orbital tool returns.
  14. HI Fiery, After a LOT of testing I can say that it absolutely has to do with SLI. If enabled (even on 372.70) within a few mintues the readings will shoot up - always to something like 4184026mb of ram at 51075% ish. If I disable SLI the reading returns to normal immediately. Play a game, chrome - readings stay normal. I tested this for over 48 hours with no reading issues. Enable SLI and within a few minutes of gaming or chrome use the reading will shoot up again. I am lucky to have 2 GTX 1080s. For a long time this was working normally but over the past month or so it changed. I should also mention I am a windows insider on the fast ring (would go back to anniversary but its too late now without a fresh install) Perhaps that has something to do with it but I can promise you now SLI is at least triggering the issue. Thanks for taking a look!
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