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  1. I was wondering if it is possible to lock the OSD to the dekstop. By this I mean that when I press "show desktop" to minimize all my active windows, I want the OSD to remain on the desktop. This shud not be minimized with the rest. Anybody know if this can be done? Ver. 5.00.3300
  2. Yes I was looking in that file, but didnt find it on my own Removed the HWMonAlertItem regardning my pump speed. Problem solved. Thank you !
  3. Hi! This question has probably been asked before. Im sorry if it has - I couldnt find the answer I'm looking for. So I've changed my motherboard, and I've hooked up all my hardware. Now - when I launch AIDA64 - the computer automatically shuts down. This is beacuse of some of the warnings/tasks I've set AIDA64 up with (under 'Alerting'). Could be a fan on the wrong header, my pump .. and so on. I would like to disable this function prior to launching AIDA64. Maybe edit a .ini file? Or is there some other work-around you can recommend for me? I dont want to uninstall the software, becau
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