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  1. OK, I understand... I am using 2.50.2000 right now. Looks like Symantec Endpoint Protection was blocking one of the ports, seems to be working better now!
  2. Thanks Fiery! But which of the 4 ports is responsible for sending a message to a remote users? Is it "remote system information", "remote monitoring", "remote reporting" or "remote control"? Would it be "remote control" on port 2348? I am thinking of this one because I also have issues with the remote control feature (all 3 other remote features seem to be running fine so far). THX Cannathon
  3. What about sending a message to a remote user with AIDA64? Seems like messages I send to a group of computers are only displayed on around 10% of the computers? Is it also a port issue? What port does AIDA64 use to send messages to remote computers? THX Cannathon
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