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    OK, I understand... I am using 2.50.2000 right now. Looks like Symantec Endpoint Protection was blocking one of the ports, seems to be working better now!
  2. Cannathon

    Failed to connect

    Thanks Fiery! But which of the 4 ports is responsible for sending a message to a remote users? Is it "remote system information", "remote monitoring", "remote reporting" or "remote control"? Would it be "remote control" on port 2348? I am thinking of this one because I also have issues with the remote control feature (all 3 other remote features seem to be running fine so far). THX Cannathon
  3. Cannathon

    Failed to connect

    What about sending a message to a remote user with AIDA64? Seems like messages I send to a group of computers are only displayed on around 10% of the computers? Is it also a port issue? What port does AIDA64 use to send messages to remote computers? THX Cannathon