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  1. Hi again! After another restart and a short run of Civ5 the chassis fan all of sudden showed up again. Seems like everything is ok, will come back if I have any further problems.
  2. Hi! It was 2 steps forward and one 1 step backward. The CPU fan is ok now but the chassis fan doesn't show at all in the computer/sensor screen. It shows in the dump file but with weird readings. Included a new isa sensor dump. /soder isasensordump2.txt
  3. Hi Here is the requested dump isasensordump.txt When I look in the dump in the section called Asus ATK0110 I get very odd readings for the chassis fan. Sometimes is it 0, next time could be over 100000rpm or anything in between but in Computer/Sensor screen does none of the fan readings vary like that. However the labels for CPU and Chassis fan is right in the dump. It says the CPU is 1288rpm and that is right but when I look in Computer/Sensor screen it says 1288 for the chassis fan. There is no fan connected on the power fan header.
  4. Aida64 is switching the CPU and chassis fan speeds in my system. The reading labeled CPU Fan actually shows the chassis fan speed and vice versa. I have verified this by stopping the chassis fan with my hand and it is the CPU reading which shows 0. The readings in BIOS and other monitoring software is correct and the fans are connected to the right headers so I am sure it is a Aida problem. Motherboard: Asus P5N7-VM WinXP 32-bit Aida64 Extreme 1.5.1200
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