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  1. I did what you said and after 3mins the CpU is in fact throttling at 3/4% ... Temps reached to 70/80s...
  2. I already did that... Aida64 and other like Aida (HWINFO32) gave that temps,40 min full gaming 60s... My problem is that most people say that WHMonitor and Core Temp are very accuracy,and if my cpu really hits 90ºC that is critical as you know... ' Strange is that my heatsink is not that very warm so... maybe Aida gave the right info and the others have some incompatibility with the sensors...
  3. I installed a Quad Core Q6600 and used some softwares to see the temps,but Speed Fan,Core Temp and RightMark give me about 50ºC normal and 80ºC on heavy games... Bios have 50ºC like they accused,but on Aida64 the temps are more stable 40ºC normal and 60ºC heavy games.... Problem is i dunno if Aida is right cause Bios match the other softwares!
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