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  1. Thanks for the answer. I hope nevertheless for emergence of such functionality, even in test and unstable realization though the probability is small.
  2. It is a pity. Alas, I don't know programming languages, but some projects use the only dynamic library libmysql.dll, and the settings are specified in the project. There is a nuance that libmysql.dll has to be the same version as the server, but it is a smaller problem, than to establish on each MySQL Connector/ODBC personal computer. I ask to excuse if something not so, I want to make your program more universal and simple.
  3. Hello! Whether it is planned to use in AIDA64 Business Edition MySQL Connection not through ODBC, and through the only library (C ++ Driver for MySQL (Connector/C ++) or C Driver for MySQL (Connector/C))? To use ODBC on each personal computer in the domain - it isn't really good, in view of excess and unnecessary libraries when it is possible to use only one.
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