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    Thanks a lot Fiery
  2. one

    Notebook GS70

    I run system stability I include GPU? do you think if I do it again check all options including GPU and run it for 30 mins it will not harm my notebook?
  3. recently I bought MSI GS70 2pc I tried to install AIDA64 extreme and run system stability test and checked all option and ran for 3-6 mins and I stop it. do you think it could cause damage on my system? when i use CPUz and GPUz clock speed could not reach the maximum clock rate. Clock speed 2.6 GHz Turbo clock speed 3.6 GHz Cores Quad core GPU Clock: 797 MHz Boost Clock: 915 MHz Memory Clock: 1250 MHz 5000 MHz effective I need your support CPU: 2.26ghz 4720Hq haswell GPU GTX 860M Meme:16GB thanks
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