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  1. Ok this is kind of embarrassing, but i guess i didn't get a anti virus on this system quick enough, had a bad case of ad-ware, I realized this was on my end when i started getting popups watching Netflix. Very sorry no ads now, sorry again
  2. yea like i said i just checked and have been using this since version 4.xx and have never run into problem, i format my system and do fresh installs every 3 - 4 months and never had this problem.... really strange that it happens at all.... and i believe i always install in the same order, Logitech Drivers then Aida 64. not sure if that would make a difference. but again thanks for the help. and if i may say one thing... there are way to many adds on this site there constantly popping up at bottom of page... very annoying
  3. ok that fixed it as soon as i re installed the logitech software, did not even have to restart aida 64 thanks for your help. one of the best support experiences i have had.
  4. what dll is it searching for ... is it a dll from aida 64 thats missing or a file that comes with the logitech drivers
  5. Ok so i was using version 5.00 and was getting error, updated to 5.20 and still getting error. Like i said i have never gotten this error before this install and have been using this for the last few versions. if there is a way to add screenshot i will really want this fixed
  6. No probouly the previous version. Have not had net access for a while now... was working fine yesterday.... the agrivating thing is that the dll is not specified or it would be easy to fix.... i will get version info in a hour or so when i gethome from work. I will also see if i can get net access and update the software
  7. Hey every one. Iv been using this for a while without any major problems... however today i preformed a format and clean install of win 7 x64 Home Premium. I installed the G15 software then aida 64. I went into the AIDA 64 options menu and enabled the G15 display. And at the bottom of the window it says DLL not found in red typing. First time this happened. I am going to try and re install both kb software and aida If any one else has any ideas they would be helpull
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