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  1. Hello guys, I have a small problem that I am trying to figure out, I have AIDA64 installed on my pc and monitored separately with a second screen, i recently noticed that the pc was not holding the correct time, My CMOS battery apparently died, however when i check my the CMOS battery voltage via Sensor Panel it says the battery is reading 3.360 volts, I know the battery is dead because i tested it and had it replaced, could someone explain why the sensor panel did not pick up it was dying? forgive me if this problem has been asked before, I am new to this forum and AIDA64 which i love.
  2. Thanks again fiery appreciate the help.
  3. Hello guys as you probably know, I am new around here,so I was messing around with the sensor Panel and i have an isssue, I removed the Background Image that i was using to try another one and now when i try to put a different background it sits on TOp of all my guages,static Images etc. How do place a new backgound behind all my finshed sensor panel guages etc...??? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey Thanks again Fiery For your help with this software its amazing.I made a little video of my first Sensor Panel Link:
  5. Hello guys I am going to leave some more specification and pics of what i am using as a Extended screen [second monitor] that i will like to use with Aida, please see atached and let me know what other information youguys will need for me to get this working,I should mention that the monitor uses VGA and use a VGA to Dvi to hook it up to my GTX780.ATM LCD Screen.pdf
  6. Hello Guys I am realy excited to be here as this is my first post, I am planning on buying AIDA64 for home use.From my understanding AIDA supports certain LCd screens that you can view your temps, while gaming ,watch movies etc.recently i did a Mod to a little 8.4 inch screen that i used for my minimap in battlefield 4 and was wondering if AIDA would be compatible with this unspecfied screen, I have left some pics of the screen i want to use, can you guys help me with this if possible please? again i use this screen with my gaming pc in extended view [second monitor]. I can
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