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  1. The problem with your ZIP package instead of an installer is well.... You know about windows security stuff...

    Windows likes to block extracted .dll and similar files if they are not extracted from an Installer.

    I've seen it happen with other apps so maybe that's what happened here, I'm not sure.

    Even when I run Aida after the update i get the "Open File - Security Warning" message box.

    Upon the disappearance of the Aida64 icon and not able to run it i had a process called "Aida_updater.dll" or something like that in my task manager.

  2. Good my lcd is not about to die,

    for some reason the default constrast was set low in the lcd parameters menu.

    This can only be accessed when usb cable is removed.

    Yes, you need to access the "onboard" firmware and buttons to make any changes to contrast / brightness.

    Whics means you have to disconnect the USB cable and let the display boot into photo frame mode.

    I think this is the same for all SPF devices.

  3. Yes, it's less than 50%. The fully random image that you've used to test the JPEG size limit was 1088 KB long. What's unclear to us at this point is whether the SPF JPEG size limit is always a multiply of 64 KB or 100 KB. We have to do more test runs, and also have to get more SPF devices.

    Anything I could do to help with this?


    Please find the mentioned new AIDA64 Extreme beta update at:


    Simply add the new RTSS FPS item to your LCD layout, and start RTSS. That's all you have to do basically :)

    It is working :D

    I was thinking, any way to make the text change color according to value?

  4. I hope it will work out. In your case I'm not at all sure about the 500KB limit. It may be lower, like 448KB, but it's not easy to calculate those limits without actually counting the displayed pixel lines on the LCD in the SPF random mode :) And we don't want to specify a too low JPEG size limit, since then AIDA64 may force you into a position of using too low JPEG quality resulting in low quality displayed images :( Of course it's still possible to define a JPEG quality manually, but even if you define 99%, the limiter will cut it back to fit the JPEG in the file size limit.

    Loking at the photo I sent you  the screen is not 50% covered, so it might actually be closer to 448 Kb or even less.

    Anyway I had to set it back to 85% to work fluidly which causes quite a bit of JPEG compression artifacts on the bars.

    I might rethink and redesign the whole thing with less bars and images.



    The requested feature will be implemented in the next AIDA64 beta update due in a few days from now ;)

    Thank you. Too many monitoring apps on this PC anyway. RTSS is mandratory with MSI AB, having Fraps also installed is a mess, and then there is also Speedfan.

    You will just need to let me know how to configure RTSS to display FPS on the screen.

  5. SPF-105P


    Okay, compression fixed it. I did not know that compression does not work on-the-fly anymore and the device was working flawlessly on 99.
    Now it is set to 90 and it works. Also did a Reboot, still working.


    Maybe I overkilled it, I'll try and compress down the images used for the frame (background etc.)



    Doesn't Aida64's compression add more strain on the CPU when used?


    Also, any chance of getting the FPS info from RivaTunerStatisticsServer?

    Having MSI afterburner, Rivatuner and Fraps seems a bit too much.

  6. I requested than also.

    I thought it could be done in the same or similar fashion as Windows date formatting.

    Having the day of the week at least would be nice.


    Or you could skip the sophisticated part and add something like "Windows Date" or "System Date" and pull the info from Windows directly and let the user format it there.


    Another question: where does Aida64 render the image to be displayed on the LCD?

  7. I think this may have been avoided by disabling booting from USB devices in the UEFI Setup (BIOS Setup) ;)

    Does not work. It hangs when detecting USB devices (Keyboard, Mouse, etc.)

    Boot is set directly to the System Hard Drive. All other boot options are disabled.

    Using latest BIOS.


    On another note: The "Hot-plug" thing you did  seems to be working.

    I do not need to turn on the frame before starting AIDA64, altho when turning the frame on and off or disconnecting the cable sometimes the picture will get scrambled and I need to open Aida64 and click on preferences to get the picture working again.

    Still an improvement over Aida64 freezing and/or needing to restart the software completely :D

  8. Well here's an odd error and there is nothing you can really do about it, but I just figured,,,

    Since I have been troubleshooting with you guys over private messages and all...


    My old modded s775 machine died recently and I switched to a 1150 machine (an MSI Z97 Mpower Max AC + a i5-4690k)

    So here's the thing:


    If for any reason my SPF-107H stays in Mini Monitor mode on a hard PC reset or a reboot (pushing the physical reset button on the PC case for example) it will produce a 9C BIOS error (Incompatible USB device) and the PC will hang / not boot.

    Once you disconnect the USB cable from the SPF photo frame the PC will continue booting normally. (even if you hard-reset and the PC hangs on 9C error. Once you disconnect the USB cavle from the frame it will continue booting)


    This drove me crazy for a little while until I googled the error and tried connecting and disconnecting every USB device I had connected to my PC and booting up (Logitech Wireless receiver, USB Keyboard, External Sound Card, USB 3.0 Hub, etc.)


    EDIT: On further investigation this seems to be an issue with MSI boards.

    On first boot with the frame turned on it will give a 9C error. On restart it will boot normally. Strange.

    So I have to let the board POST first and then power on the frame.

  9. AlphaCool seems like the best worst option...  and it looks like they are still selling it in germany (yay?).



    plus external "kit": http://www.atelco.de/Display/216363/Alphacool+LCD-Display+externe+Halterung+schwarz+%28Bausatz%29.article


    but 100€ for the whole package incl. shipping... wow mama!  :blink:


    You can find Alphacool cheaper in some UK shops. Internal displays, 2 x 5.25", silver only.

    Not sure about the shipping cost or external mount kit, but you could put something together out of wood or plexiglass (acrilyc) to fit the internal one on your desk.

    I had one internal version sitting on my desk for a long time.


    For 100€ or less you could also get a (used) Samsung SPF photo frame.

    Altho you have to turn it on and off manually each time you start your PC it is a cheaper option for a nice big color screen which would fit out-the-box on your desk with no exposed electrical parts.


    I'm telling you this because I recently switched from the Alphacool display to a photo frame for which I paid less than the Alphacool originally when it came out (some 100 € for an internal version, shipping not included).

    Just make sure you get a frame that is supported by Aida64.

  10. Any chance of implementing date formatting into the LCD editor.


    For example make it display like this:

    Monday, 29.6.2015 or

    Monday, 29.June.2015 or

    Mon, 29.Jun.15


    The formatting itself could be done like this:

    DDD - display first 3 letters of day name (Mon)

    DDDD - Display full day name

    MMM - first 3 letters of month (Jun)

    MMMM - full month name


    dd - numeric day

    mm - numeric month

    yy - last two digits of year

    yyyy - all four digits of year


    So the end user can display the date in the way he prefers best, or even add multiple date items.

  11. For SPF-107H is better to rotate 90° right. The design of emphasis-leg does not give the ability to rotate the frame at 180°. And it's better, when buttons is on top - user can operate them:


    On v5.20.3445 it works good, but now not. No matter of keep-alive option enabled or disabled.

    On the SPF-105P it is however impossible to connect the USB cable if rotated Right (unless you have an angled connector).

    Maybe add a option to rotate left or right?

  12. Rotation is now working fine, here is a rough version of my SPF-105P frame.

    I will have to resize and rearrange some things here.




    My phone is kinda bad at taking photos, it looks much more vivid in person.

    Also nevermind Core3, I have a bunch of stuff running in the background (Aida LCD Editor, Adobe Fireworks, AcdSEE photo editor, AirDC++, Mozilla, Live mail :P)


    You guys did a great job :D

  13. So it is a no-go then?


    Given that most modern computers come with a dual core / quad-core cpu and at least 8 gb of ram, would rotating the image in the resource-costly way impact the performance of a computer by that much?


    I wish the original software worked better. I tried some different drivers (DisplayLink as suggested here) with no luck.

    If it worked like it should I would just make a sensorpanel and drag it onto the picture frame :(

  14. 10606225_10205828523525698_3327894742901


    Screenshot of FrameManager.

    The rotation works. I  have tested it.


    The software is just so poorly made. I have to select "Mini Monitor" on the frame itself every time I want to use it like that.

    Maybe because it was made for Vista and there isn't really a windows 7 version of the software.


     or the SPF firmware might just support rotation on-the-fly afterall...

    Well it does have an option to rotate portrait photos automatically to fit the frame when used as a photoframe.

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