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  1. Nope. Just NOD32 v8 and Windows Firewall, and this is the second time this happened. I also have NetLimiter running in background but that should not be an issue cause its internal blocker is disabled. If this happens again I'll look into Nod32 if that may be the cause of this.
  2. I have NOD32 running. I had to uninstall and delete all files + registry entries and install Aida64 from scratch. Else it would not work. Windows 7 x64 sp1 with UAC set to "never notify".
  3. Another update, another display setup gone...
  4. Update can also fail if the SPF device is connected and active. You have to disconnect the frame and let Aida update then reconnect.
  5. The problem with your ZIP package instead of an installer is well.... You know about windows security stuff... Windows likes to block extracted .dll and similar files if they are not extracted from an Installer. I've seen it happen with other apps so maybe that's what happened here, I'm not sure. Even when I run Aida after the update i get the "Open File - Security Warning" message box. Upon the disappearance of the Aida64 icon and not able to run it i had a process called "Aida_updater.dll" or something like that in my task manager.
  6. Aida64 icon disappeared, i was getting a message that I "don't have permission" when trying to run Aida manually. I had to completely uninstall and delete it and then reinstall and apply update.
  7. Last update messed the application up. I had to completely reinstall and lost my LCD panel in the progress.
  8. Maybe simple sensor. Just like Bars of Sensor Items change colors according to preset values it would be great if text could do the same. If any value jumps above a preset threshold to make the text yellow or red or any other color.
  9. Yes, you need to access the "onboard" firmware and buttons to make any changes to contrast / brightness. Whics means you have to disconnect the USB cable and let the display boot into photo frame mode. I think this is the same for all SPF devices.
  10. Anything I could do to help with this? It is working I was thinking, any way to make the text change color according to value?
  11. Loking at the photo I sent you the screen is not 50% covered, so it might actually be closer to 448 Kb or even less. Anyway I had to set it back to 85% to work fluidly which causes quite a bit of JPEG compression artifacts on the bars. I might rethink and redesign the whole thing with less bars and images. Thank you. Too many monitoring apps on this PC anyway. RTSS is mandratory with MSI AB, having Fraps also installed is a mess, and then there is also Speedfan. You will just need to let me know how to configure RTSS to display FPS on the screen.
  12. It froze at 99%, did not really time after how long (maybe an hour, maybe less) So I set the compression to 90% and it is working so far. Using the latest Beta update ofcourse.
  13. SPF-105P Okay, compression fixed it. I did not know that compression does not work on-the-fly anymore and the device was working flawlessly on 99. Now it is set to 90 and it works. Also did a Reboot, still working. Maybe I overkilled it, I'll try and compress down the images used for the frame (background etc.) Doesn't Aida64's compression add more strain on the CPU when used? Also, any chance of getting the FPS info from RivaTunerStatisticsServer? Having MSI afterburner, Rivatuner and Fraps seems a bit too much.
  14. In the new latest Beta version of Aida64 the frame glitches again and sometimes stops responding. The software itself is sluggish and also freezes sometimes.
  15. I requested than also. I thought it could be done in the same or similar fashion as Windows date formatting. Having the day of the week at least would be nice. Or you could skip the sophisticated part and add something like "Windows Date" or "System Date" and pull the info from Windows directly and let the user format it there. Another question: where does Aida64 render the image to be displayed on the LCD?
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