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  1. It's not possible to cherry-pick from the reference results I'm afraid. And when it comes to "similar systems", it's not easy to decide which one is similar to the current system. You could go by CPU vendor, number of cores, CPU socket, CPU clock, etc.
  2. The current way is fine for us.
  3. RLocation was defined to help companies with multiple sites/locations manage their data. It's intentionally left empty so you can fill it up if you need that field for each report/computer.
  4. The background (automatic) report creation process is designed to not slow the computer down. In case your users have difficulties using their computers while the report is being created in the background, then I suppose those PCs must be very old and very slow anyway. Is that the case? BTW, you can use the /IDLE command-line option to change the process priority of AIDA64 to idle, which could help to improve user experience during automatic background report creation.
  5. It's not possible to assign an IID for everything that AIDA64 puts into the reports simply because then the number of IID's would be 100 times more than right now, and that would slow down the processing of reports by the Audit Manager and Change Manager modules of AIDA64. We keep adding new IID's on a case by case basis, per customer request.
  6. It's completely logical, because the target report file in that case would be a text file with the .ADO extension. In that file AIDA64 will put an error message in case the report cannot be inserted into the database. Due to e.g. SQL misconfiguration or such. If you don't want to have that output, you can specify a non-existing filename that cannot be created anyway, like C:\?
  7. It'd be best for you to put all Event Logs records into your database and then use SQL queries to filter them to your preferences.
  8. We do not have plans to enable such filtering for the Event Logs page. You seem to be a corporate user of AIDA64, so once you've collected the reports you can filter them by using any criteria you wish, using e.g. SQL queries.
  9. Please copy your AIDA64.INI file as AIDA64.TXT and send me that file attached to an email. I'll send you my email address in private message.
  10. It looks quite impressive actually! As for your original question, L3 write bandwidth cannot scale as great as the read and copy because the CPU has to verify if there's a collision with other L3 cache segments in order to maintain cache coherency.
  11. Meanwhile the bug fix has been rolled out as a new AIDA64 beta update: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta
  12. We've checked it on our own Aquaero 5 Pro device, and it fails to work there either. I suspect in a recent firmware Aqua Computer removed this feature or revamped in a way that it became incompatible with AIDA64. We've sent an inquiry to our friends at Aqua Computer to find out how to solve this. I'll let you know in this topic once we've got a reply from them.
  13. Memory latency is a key in the PhotoWorxx score. In which case when there are too many threads fighting for RAM access, scores can indeed drop heavily. So with this particular benchmarks it's not always best to have a lot of CPU threads at your disposal
  14. I can only help you about AIDA64, I don't know the other tools. In what way can I help you? Please send me a private message about this, it will be easier to talk there about various issues.
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