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  1. That's definitely not normal. Do you mean that while you have AIDA64 running, Windows 10 pops up message boxes about finding new USB hubs every few seconds? If yes, then do you have all Windows 10 updates applied, and have you tried to restart Windows? Also, do you have an external USB device connected to your PC that's not a mouse or keyboard? Printer, external card reader, flash drive, external HDD/SSD?
  2. Such issues can happen when Windows gets mixed up after upgrading AIDA64 from an old version to a new one -- or when one of the drivers get updated by Windows Update or manually by the user. In most cases restarting Windows fixes everything. That's why we always recommend AIDA64 users to restart their system after updating AIDA64 to a new release.
  3. 36:3 is normal for a configuration with 100 MHz BCLK and DDR4-2400 RAM (running at 1200 MHz). Regards, Fiery
  4. It must be due to a system pecularity that is specific your particular device. We'll try to get a similar device to check it out. On our existing devices, including a Snapdragon 810 based Nexus 6P (running Android O DP2 right now), we can see no such issues. On our Nexus 6P all 8 cores are properly measured. Before the Android O update, it used to work properly with Android 7.x and Android 6.x as well.
  5. Have you tried to add some items to your LCD layout in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD / LCD Items? The blue box that informs you about the preview resolution will only disappear when you have at least one item on your LCD layout.
  6. You're right, the minimum update rate of the CPU utilization measurement in the log files is 1 second. Do you want us to improve that rate to make the measurements more accurate on your system?
  7. Please verify if you used the same account to buy the IAP (the "Remove Ads" in-app product) than what you've used to install AIDA64 from the Play Store. We've already seen issues about using multiple Google accounts. Also, make sure to install all updates from the Play Store, and reboot your device. In some cases that alone helps to get Google Play Services to sync its caches with the information stored on Google's own servers. Please note that we don't manage IAP or any kind of purchases. Everything is handled and managed by Google Play Services, and so when such a mixup happens, it's not because there's a bug in our app, but due to a mixup in Google Play Services. We would love to help you in such cases, but we have basically zero insight into how IAP is handled by Google, and we have the same zero control over managing the purchases :-(
  8. Only the Arc Gauge supports that, but that is only available with the RemoteSensor and Logitech Arx modules.
  9. I see, but we still do not want to go down that path. Users complain already about not properly 1-second update rate for time on the SensorPanel and LCD, imagine how upset they would be if the animation wasn't fluid and/or wasn't consistent (ie. irregular pace in updates).
  10. It can only be supported if the frame can accept bitmap frame transfers via its USB connection. AFAIK only Samsung SPF displays and AX206 hacked picture frames support that.
  11. We've checked, and unfortunately we haven't found any classic ways of obtaining those values from the video card iCX must use a custom communication protocol, but we have no idea how it works and how to handle it.
  12. Not really. The AXi firmware seems quite bad quality anyway (for example: the USB protocol is quite unreliable, so a lot of workarounds have to be implemented in a 3rd party software just to read the raw sensor values out of the PSU), so I'm sure Corsair did their best to get around all the issues. The remaining issues are not major ones, so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want to deal with them.
  13. When you configure a 1 sec update rate, then the actual CPU utilization value will reflect the average CPU utilization over a 1 second period.
  14. We've done test runs and research about those values, but they didn't look good. The input power simply was inaccurate. And the output power and efficiency are calculated values, using such formulas that vary over different PSU SKUs. It's simply not scientific enough for us to deal with
  15. I don't think 500 millisec would be an issue, but 100 millisec may cause stuttering or frame drops while gaming. Try it, and you will see whether you can notice any difference (you will probably not )