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  1. That's quite odd then. Well... I suppose it would be best to consult overclocking enthusiasts on XtremeSystems or other similar forums about your liquid cooler setup and whether it's normal to have such high thermals with your particular setup.
  2. AIDA64 currently does not support NZXT Smart Device v2. Do you know where can it be purchased?
  3. I've sent you a private message about this.
  4. The issue must be one of the Catalyst video driver interfaces that we started using between v5.99 and v6.00 at one point. Please let me know the operating system you use (and whether it's 32-bit or 64-bit OS) and we'll build a similar configuration and check the Catalyst 12.4 + HD4670 combo to find out what exact video driver call we should avoid there.
  5. Are you using PNG or JPEG images? Are there any particular pecularity about those images? Maybe they're too large files or have special embedded data in them?
  6. What about the other CPU related temperatures like CPU Package, CPU GT Cores, CPU IA Cores? Do all of them reflect a high temperature? Please note that laptops tend to work at much higher CPU temperatures as desktop computers, so it's not uncommon to see 70+ Celsius for laptop CPUs. I don't think you have anything to worry about. As for the "CPU" temperature vs. other thermal readings: there's a chance that in your case the laptop provides a CPU thermal reading that is more the temperature of a system component (like motherboard) than the actual thermal state of the CPU. With laptops the ACPI interface that we use to measure CPU temperature can be dodgy sometimes, so it's best to focus on the other CPU temperatures that the CPU itself measures using its on-die thermal sensing logic. Those direct CPU temperatures are the core temperatures, CPU Package, CPU GT Cores, and CPU IA Cores.
  7. If it's possible, please send us your AIDA64.INI file in order to let us try to replicate the issue by having the same OSD configuration as yours. If you cannot attach it to a post here or you would rather send the file in email to us, please let me know in private message.
  8. Some portion of that system load is due to Odospace. Try to turn it off and as aszc suggested, check RemoteSensor instead. Let me know if it helps to put the CPU load down considerably.
  9. As far as we know, RTSS support is properly implemented on our end. So in case RTSS fails to provide the FPS values using the standardized method, then I'd try contacting RTSS author to find out what could be wrong on his end.
  10. I'm afraid wireless mice and keyboards do not feature such a standardized smart battery interface that UPS'es and notebook batteries feature. Hence it's not possible to measure their battery charge level using a unified method.
  11. Please let us know what exact sensor do you have in HWiNFO that you miss from AIDA64. We'll try to add those readings into AIDA64 too.
  12. Please avoid posting a single issue into multiple topics. I've replied in your other topic. This topic closed.
  13. Under heavy load such small amount of throttling is considered acceptable for a high-performance + overclocked system like yours. I suppose the only way to avoid it in your case would be to switch to liquid cooling.
  14. Is your issue related to our app AIDA64?
  15. Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Sensor Debug --> ISA Sensor Dump. Copy-paste the first 20 lines of the results (up to the end of the last line starting with DMI) into this topic. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first. Thanks, Fiery
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